Convert PDF to InDesign CS6 with Markzware PDF2DTP InDesign Plugin

Convert PDF to InDesign CS6 with Markzware PDF2DTP InDesign plugin for PDF file conversion to INDD. To convert PDF to Adobe Creative Suite InDesign files, including color models, fonts, text attributes and more, get PDF2DTP data conversion software:

Easily convert PDF to Adobe InDesign CS6 documents with PDF2DTP, an InDesign plugin from Markzware, leading software publisher of document conversion tools. PDF2DTP is affordable file conversion and an easy way to convert PDF content into new InDesign Adobe Creative Suite documents, while preserving formatting.

InDesign Plugin PDF2DTP to Convert PDF File to InDesign CS6

Convert PDF to InDesign CS6 with Markzware PDF2DTP data conversion software

The PDF2DTP InDesign plugin is Markzware’s Adobe Creative Suite CS6 plugin for PDF to InDesign file conversion. Adobe InDesign users can click File>Open and select the PDF file to be converted, in order to edit PDF in InDesign CS6.

Document conversion tools save time by transferring valuable content from one file format directly into another. The PDF2DTP data conversion solution opens the document in InDesign CS6, saving graphic designers, printers, publishers, and creative professionals hours of reconstructing the document. Edit PDF in InDesign INDD!

Convert PDF File to InDesign CS6, including Tables, with PDF2DTP
Edit PDF tables, fonts, colors, and more in INDD with Markzware PDF2DTP 

PDF2DTP converts PDFs, without requiring you to manually rebuild the original documents. Items that were grouped together in the original document remain grouped together, after converting with PDF2DTP data conversion software. PDF2DTP preserves the original page elements from the PDF document and allows you to edit them in InDesign files.

Markzware PDF2DTP for InDesign CS6 is available at the PDF2DTP for InDesign Store. In addition, the PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress XTension to convert PDF to QuarkXPress QXP is available at the PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress Store. For more information on document conversion tools, please stop by the online Markzware Store.

Convert PDF to InDesign CS6 with Markzware PDF2DTP InDesign plugin!

Convert PDF to InDesign CS6 with Markzware PDF2DTP InDesign Plugin by

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  1. If I scan a document and save it as a .PDF, the scan will be pixelated. If I convert it into InDesign CS6 will I be able to
    then select the text and make it non-pixelated?
    Terry Butler

  2. Hi Terry,

    Good question. Now if I am understanding your question correctly, you are scanning a print document into your computer and trying to convert it into InDesign using PDF2DTP, in order to edit it?

    If so, it would not be possible. Once the print document is scanned into a computer it becomes an image. You would need for the .PDF file to be a non-image type in order for it to retain all the formatting. If you use PDF2DTP to convert that .PDF into InDesign, you will simply get an image that has non editable text/images.

    Brez Liang

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