PDF to InDesign with PDF Expert Michael Jahn on PDF2DTP

PDF Expert, Michael Jahn at GraphExpo 2012 on PDF to InDesign with Markzware’s new PDF2DTP!

Michael Jahn on PDF to InDesign at Graph Expo 2012

Transcript of PDF expert, Michael Jahn on Markzware’s PDF2DTP to convert PDF to InDesign or convert PDF to QuarkXPress. Edit PDFs in InDesign or QuarkXPress!

“Hi. My name is Michael Jahn. I’m here to tell you what happened. I heard about this technology that Markzware has. They said it could take a PDF and move it back into something I could edit (PDF to InDesign). And it just happened that day that my hard drive crashed, and I did not have my original source file. I had my price list, I had my manuals… I was in big trouble. And they sent me this beta software and it converted it right back into InDesign; PDF to InDesign! I was up and running, I mean, I’m talking 10 minutes. I didn’t even know what I was doing and I already was done. It was awesome! It worked right out of the box, was fast, everything was editable, it was, I was just, it saved my life, seriously. I would have been up, you know, this is a 48-page manual and a 200-page price book. That was, that would have been forever. It really helped me out and I like it.”

PDF to InDesign - Michael-Jahn

PDF Expert on PDF to InDesign – Michael Jahn

PDF to InDesign sound interesting to you? Check out more info on how you can convert PDF to InDesign or convert PDF to QuarkXPress with Markzware’s PDF2DTP for InDesign or PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress for Mac or Win! PDF expert Michael Jahn did!

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