PDF2DTP to Convert PDF to InDesign or Convert PDF to QuarkXPress

PDF is a file format that creative professionals do not usually import into Adobe Creative Suite InDesign, or into QuarkXPress, during file conversion, but users can now easily and quickly convert PDF to InDesign files, or convert PDF to QuarkXPress, with Markzware PDF2DTP data conversion software:

Convert PDF to Adobe InDesign or Convert PDF to QuarkXPress

Advanced file conversion technology by Markzware can help graphic software users convert PDF to InDesign INDD content, quickly, easily, and in detail, with PDF2DTP for InDesign. In addition, Markzware’s PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress can convert PDF to QuarkXPress QXP for graphic design production.

The PDF2DTP for InDesign plugin, data conversion software from Markzware, allows you to edit PDF content within Adobe InDesign files. Transfer content from PDF to Adobe InDesign CS6, CS5.5 or CS5 with PDF2DTP for InDesign. Want to know how to convert PDF to InDesign for Adobe Creative Suite with just a click? Use Markzware PDF2DTP for converting PDF to InDesign.

Users previously had to slowly and painfully recreate such documents manually in InDesign or QuarkXPress. Now, PDF2DTP can convert your documents from PDF to INDD or QXP, allowing users to edit PDF legacy files for printing or publishing. To edit PDF in InDesign files, or edit PDF in QuarkXPress, is easy with PDF2DTP. Check out this video on how to convert PDF to Adobe InDesign, or convert PDF to QuarkXPress:

How to Convert PDF to Adobe InDesign using PDF2DTP for InDesign or
Convert PDF to QuarkXPress using PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress

How to convert PDF file to InDesign INDD or QuarkXPress QXP with
Markzware PDF2DTP for InDesign CS6

For Adobe InDesign users, this InDesign plugin makes it possible to import PDF content and convert PDF documents created in the original application to InDesign, while maintaining the look of the original document. What is amazing is how fast and accurate the file conversion is!

Since PDF, Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress are used by so many companies, PDF2DTP comes in quite handy. The PDF2DTP InDesign plugin can transfer files from PDF legacy files to Adobe InDesign, and the PDF2DTP QuarkXPress XTension can transfer files from PDF legacy files to QuarkXPress, on either Mac or Windows.

Converting PDF to QuarkXPress QXP with PDF2DTP Preferences
Save To Preferences in Markzware QuarkXPress XTension to convert PDF to QXDMarkzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress Preferences to convert PDF file to QXP

When you need to use text, fonts and images from files already created in PDF, PDF2DTP for InDesign can save you loads of desktop publishing time, thanks to Markzware’s expertise in document conversion tools. PDF2DTP for InDesign is available online at the PDF2DTP for InDesign Store, and PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress is available at the PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress Store.

Convert PDF file to Adobe InDesign INDD or QXP with data conversion software, Markzware PDF2DTP. Convert pdf to InDesign CS6 for Adobe Creative Suite, or convert pdf to QuarkXPress! 

PDF2DTP to Convert PDF to InDesign or Convert PDF to QuarkXPress by

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  1. Tried the demo of this and it didn’t convert things very well. Hope to try again when the bugs are worked out.

  2. Hi Brenda, we do not have a PDF2DTP demo, so perhaps you tried a different, less complete product. The PDF2DTP conversion is top of class. If you send me a sample PDF I can do a conversion for you – email it to me on sales@markzware.com

    You can hear what some of the industry experts are saying about PDF2DTP here:

    Frank Romano on PDF Editing within Adobe InDesign


    Joe Marin of Printing Industries of America on PDF2DTP

    Michael Jahn on PDF to InDesign – Graph Expo 2012

    Friendly Regards,
    David Dilling

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