Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Offers 20% Off Markzware Products

Markzware Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Promo Discount CodeMarkzware announces its Cyber Sale! This Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale
event lasts from Friday, November 28, 2014 through Monday, December 1, 2014.
(Cannot be combined with any other offer.)

20% Off



Use Promo Code:

Check out the Markzware Products (not upgrades) on which you can get a discount!
Get a reduced price on preflight, data conversion and content search solutions, including:

flightcheck-icon FlightCheck (Preflight for Print)
id2q-icon ID2Q (InDesign to QuarkXPress)
markztools-icon MarkzTools for InDesign (Open Higher Version in Lower Version)
PageZephyr_Search_icon_32x32 PageZephyr Search (Content Search)
pdf2dtp-icon PDF2DTP (PDF to InDesign or QuarkXPress)
pub2id-icon Pub2ID (Publisher to InDesign)
q2id-icon Q2ID (Quark to InDesign)

For more product details, please click on the products listed above.
Click here to see demonstration videos of Markzware products.

How to Enter Your Discount Code

  • Click on your chosen Markzware product above.
  • Click the “Add to Cart” button on that product’s page.
  • Repeat the above two steps for all of the Markzware products you wish to buy.
  • In the “Discount Coupon” field, type in the discount code: cyber
  • Click on the arrows just to the right of that field to apply the discount.
  • Complete your purchase.

Take advantage of your chance to save twenty percent on Markzware Products during the Cyber Sale! (Note: Offer is not valid on upgrades.) Get reduced pricing on desktop publishing (DTP), file conversion, printing solutions, and more. Feel free to share this deal with all your contacts and social media sites. Remember to use the discount code cyber to get your 20% off discount. This promotional offer is available for a limited time, 11/28/2014 through 12/3/2014.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Offers 20% Off Markzware Products with Discount Code cyber

New Markzware Website Announced

Markzware Announces a New Website!
The New Markzware Website Provides Improved
Design, Live Support and Useful Articles, Tips & Videos


SANTA ANA, California – June 5, 2014 – Markzware is proud to announce the release of a new and much improved website design at The simple and clean site design is part of the company’s business plan to continuously meet the needs of its customers.

The new responsive site has been redesigned with a fresh new look and has been updated with information about Markzware’s latest products and services. Additionally, the new site will provide support and information to answer our customers’ most common questions, as well as provide live chat support.

The improved website contains the following new features: an easy to navigate Products and services menu that walks the customer through Markzware’s products and services, better organization of content, and a Support center that provides useful articles, tips and videos.

Some of the updated products in the responsive, new Markzware website include:
New Q2ID Bundle, now with InDesign CC support for Quark® to InDesign® data conversion
New PageZephyr Search for stand-alone content search of InDesign files
PDF2DTP to edit PDF in Adobe® InDesign or QuarkXPress®
New ID2Q Bundle, now with InDesign CC support for InDesign to QuarkXPress data conversion

“We analyzed our website traffic, determined what our users were looking for, and then made the new Markzware website more intuitive, and more user-friendly. We anticipate that many enhancements will be made to it in the coming months,” said Mary Gay Marchese, public relations director for Markzware.

About Markzware:
Markzware, a privately-held company based in Santa Ana, California, is the leading developer of data conversion software, printing quality control, and workflow solution products for the international graphic arts, printing and digital multimedia industries.

© 2014 Markzware. All rights reserved.

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Also, interact with Markzware on:

Markzware YouTube Intro for MarkzwareTV

YouTube Intro for MarkzwareTV

Markzware's MarkzwareTV Channel YouTube Icon
Markzware has, since it’s first popular video on April 15, 2008, an educational YouTube channel. That first video now has over 10,000 views! MarkzwareTV has a total of 272 videos uploaded with 22 playlists combined for more then 745,818 views. The tutorial videos are covering industry topics.  That means printing, prepress, publishing, graphic design and thus, graphic arts in general.

We also make demonstrations and customer testimonial videos for the Markzware products and services. Watch below our new Markzware YouTube intro for MarkzwareTV. Please subscribe to us on YouTube today, as we look forward to networking and learning together:

Markzware YouTube Intro for MarkzwareTV – YouTube

David Dilling presents YouTube Intro for Markzware TV

Markzware YouTube intro transcript – Hi, everybody! David Dilling from Markzware here, and welcome to our YouTube channel, MarkzwareTV. This channel is not only going to discuss, of course, the Markzware multi award-winning products, like FlightCheck for preflighting and packaging Adobe files or Q2ID for Quark to InDesign, and, of course, PDF2DTP for PDF to InDesign, and our new products, like PageZephyr Search for InDesign to index your files and allow you to search them, right through your Finder. That’s right, InDesign files to be found through search, in the Spotlight Finder search on your Macintosh.

Markzware's MarkzwareTV YouTube IntroductionMarkzware YouTube Channel

We have a lot more of exciting products and services, like fixing bad DTP files, as well (which we’ll highlight here on this channel), customer testimonials, tips and tricks, how-tos, you name it. But not only that, we’re going to delve into other products, other plugins, which can be useful for Adobe InDesign users, graphic designers, prepress operators, publishers, alike. And we’re going to get into industry-related matters and whatnot, and hopefully have some guest videos, as well.

So, please subscribe today. We’d really appreciate that. We look forward to connecting with you on YouTube, via MarkzwareTV. And don’t forget to follow @Markzware on Twitter, Markzware on Pinterest, and, of course, on LinkedIn, Facebook, and all the other social media outlets. Thank you. This has been David Dilling, on the behalf of Markzware and our entire team, wishing you a great day and hoping to see you subscribe and contribute to our YouTube channel and the industry today. Take care.

Interested in Markzware’s Products? Click the hot link today!

Markzware YouTube intro!

Quick Printing Awards: Vote for Markzware ID2Q, Q2ID, PDF2DTP

2013 Quick Printing Readers Choice Top Products Award Won by Markzware
Markzware is proud to announce the inclusion of three Markzware products in the 2013 Quick Printing Readers’ Choice Top Product Awards! This year’s awards nominees include (drum roll, please) ID2Q, Q2ID and PDF2DTP!

The 2013 Quick Printing Readers’ Choice Top Product Awards recognize significant products that have most helped readers’ commercial print businesses, which provide a variety of services. Quick Printing readers can vote for products that have created value and industry excitement over the last year.

Through March 15, 2013, you can help vote for these Markzware products that support the printing industry:

  • Design Software: ID2Q for QuarkXPress 8 and 9 with InDesign CS6 Support
  • Design Software: Q2ID for InDesign CS6 for Mac
  • PDF Software: PDF2DTP

You are invited to vote today at
(Note: Survey has been completed and voting is now closed.)

The final winners list will be published in the May 2013 issue of Quick Printing.
Your vote is confidential and must be submitted by March 15, 2013.
Markzware appreciates your support!

Adobe InDesign CS5 Software Sale

Adobe sale for InDesign software? Adobe sales include this month’s Adobe software sale for InDesign (INDD). Get desktop publishing (DTP) software at a discount InDesign price. Once you get Adobe InDesign for sale at the special InDesign discount, you can then get Markzware products that are compatible with Adobe InDesign CS5 software download that you just purchased at the Adobe InDesign sale:

If you are checking on an InDesign price, you can find all on the latest Adobe sales on software. They do not always offer a Creative Suite 5 or InDesign CS5 discount, for obvious reasons, but you never know. Sometimes, there will be an Adobe InDesign sale, which is good news for the printing and publishing industries, and it just so happens that there is an Adobe sale on discount InDesign CS5 software this month.

You can get Adobe InDesign CS5 for sale now. So, tell all the print buyers, graphic artists, publishers, and everyone that may be interested. They can save some money, too, on products that are compatible with Adobe Creative Suite 5. Click on the image below to learn how to buy InDesign compatible products that support Adobe InDesign CS5:

Adobe InDesign CS5, professional design and layout tool for producing high quality pages and documents for print and on-screen delivery

Markzware offers products that support
Adobe InDesign CS5

Keep in mind that Markzware makes preflight and packaging software for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, PDF and much more, plus file conversion tools to get content from Quark or Publisher to InDesign, as well! (Check out the Pub2ID video demonstration.) Markzware offers lots of valuable InDesign compatible software for Adobe InDesign based projects.
Adobe InDesign Sale
You’ll want to check out the Adobe software sale to take advantage of the lower InDesign cost. If you’re going to purchase InDesign by Adobe, it would be a smart move to get InDesign for sale today. This is a great time to get an InDesign discount when you buy Adobe InDesign CS5. You can purchase your InDesign software download now via the Markzware Products page. Check out Markzware’s Adobe Sale for InDesign software!

Adobe InDesign CS5 Software Sale