Wildcard Search InDesign with PageZephyr Digital Content Search

Use a wildcard search to search InDesign. With PageZephyr Search you can do a content search in INDD native files (Adobe Creative Suite file formats). This content search application can find InDesign text relevant to your search. Create content from the found tect and publish InDesign files:

You can use a Wildcard search in PageZephyr Search by Markzware to search InDesign files. (Great for eDiscovery!) Add the wildcard character to the end of the partial word. Find your chosen keywords in INDD native files for DTP:

Wildcard Search InDesign CS6 with PageZephyr Search

Digital content search for eDiscovery using PageZephyr Search

PageZephyr Search allows users to find content in InDesign files for Adobe Creative Suite. Enter partial words with a wildcard character “*” (an asterisk). Markzware’s content search application will return documents whose stories contain the relevant words. It will also present topic-related information to use for content creation. This is handy for publishers, printers and creative professionals in workflows for graphic software.

Found Text is Highlighted after a Wildcard Search with PageZephyr Search
Right Click Highlighted Word or Phrase in PageZephyr Seach Mac Find specific content with PageZephyr Search.
Then copy and paste to create content and  publish InDesign CS6.

In the above content search, PageZephyr Search highlights the found text. It displays files with words that match the criteria entered. PageZephyr finds documents that contain the search terms relevant to the wildcard search entered. You can buy PageZephyr Search at the online PageZephyr Store.

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Wildcard search in InDesign CS6 for eDiscovery with PageZephyr Search. Find valuable INDD text with Markzware’s content search application for Adobe Creative Suite! Then, use  content to publish InDesign!

Wildcard Search InDesign with PageZephyr Digital Content Search by

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