FlightCheck Preflight Print Quality Control to Check InDesign CS6

New FlightCheck 7 with Adobe CC Support
New FlightCheck 7 with Adobe CC Support

Check InDesign CS6 files when you preflight print files… Printers who want outstanding printing solutions can get excellent print quality control by using Markzware FlightCheck. Scan and collect files with this pre-press software for preflighting to catch printing problems before they happen:

Preflighting during prepress in the print workflow helps creative professionals to check InDesign CS6 and other graphic design documents for possible printing errors. FlightCheck by Markzware, publisher of several printing solutions, is the recommended preflight solution to use  before printing:

Preflight Print and Collect Files with FlightCheck Pre-Press Software
Preflight solution for print quality control, Markzware FlightCheck prepress software

FlightCheck Ground Controls can check Adobe Acrobat PDF, as well as non-PDF documents, to ensure printing quality. This is extremely beneficial to printers, creative professionals, and publishers who work with any of the DTP file types supported by FlightCheck in the print workflow.

Preflighting with FlightCheck for Printing Quality

Preflighting Options in Markzware Preflight Software

FlightCheck Preflight Menu

Markzware FlightCheck

Preparing print ready documents is a must for the print workflow. FlightCheck is the preflight solution for thorough proofing of native files to achieve top print quality control.

FlightCheck can check files created with graphic software of many DTP file types during prepress for preflighting to avoid printing problems:

  • preflight InDesign files to check InDesign CS6
  • check Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • preflight color and preflight print elements for file problems, such as low image resolution and other press bottlenecks
  • preflight QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop and other native files
  • collect files to package InDesign, package Illustrator, package fonts, etc.

FlightCheck saves effort and materials from being wasted and is available online at the FlightCheck Store. For more printing solutions, feel free to visit the Markzware Store.

Printers can get their best printing quality results with Markzware’s preflight solution, FlightCheck pre-press software! Check InDesign CS6 and more to prevent printing problems at press time.

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