QuarkXPress File Recovery with MarkzTools and Markzware File Recovery

QXP file recovery with Markzware MarkzTools to avoid problems with bad QuarkXPress and to maintain QuarkXPress file integrity:

QXP file crashed and you need to fix QuarkXPress material before your deadline? Recover QuarkXPress text to fix corrupted QuarkXPress documents with either the QuarkXPress file recovery software by Markzware or the Markzware file recovery service.

Markzware MarkzTools can recover QuarkXPress text, despite a corrupted QuarkXPress file. This QuarkXPress XTension is a huge time saver that can save creative professionals, printers, graphic designers, and publishers substantial time and effort. This fast QuarkXPress file recovery works and is highly recommended to anyone on a short schedule with a corrupted QuarkXPress file.

This video demonstrates how this versatile QuarkXPress XTension can be a lifesaver, especially for jobs that result in a corrupted QuarkXPress error message just before a deadline, despite all of the money, time and effort invested:

QXP File Recovery with MarkzTools

Save QuarkXPress with Markzware MarkzTools to
resurrect content from bad QuarkXPress documents

A corrupt QuarkXPress file can be a big issue for a QXP graphic design publishing workflow. If the QXP application crashes and will not open, try MarkzTools to verify QuarkXPress file integrity and down save QuarkXPress files.

MarkzTools can Verify QXP Layouts before You Save QuarkXPress
Projects Folders menu item in Preferences window of Markzware XTension to down-save QuarkUse Markzware MarkzTools to avoid bad QuarkXPress error messages

MarkzTools has features to verify QuarkXPress files and to recover QuarkXPress text. This Markzware QuarkXPress XTension helps you to fix QuarkXPress files in order to preserve your content and your investment. So, keep MarkzTools handy. If you don’t already own MarkzTools, Markzware file recovery service may also be able to help you recover QuarkXPress documents.

Having trouble opening a QuarkXPress file? It may be damaged. Get MarkzTools at the online MarkzTools Store to ensure QuarkXPress file integrity. Otherwise, the Markzware file recovery service may be able to recover QuarkXPress, as well as InDesign files, for you.

If MarkzTools has helped you with a corrupted QuarkXPress file so that you could fix QuarkXPress content, please submit a MarkzTools testimonial. Please also feel free to comment on MarkzTools or Markzware file recovery in the section below.

QXP file recovery with MarkzTools to save QuarkXPress! 

QuarkXPress File Recovery with MarkzTools and Markzware File Recovery by

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  1. My corrupt Quark document will not even open…
    Do you have a solution for a recovering it?

  2. Hi Luriceo,

    Sorry to hear about your corrupt Quark document. Yes, we may be able to assist! Here is a little more info on how we will do this:

    The Markzware File Recovery Service now requires first, a non-refundable one-time In-Take fee of $19.00. Please pay that fee first-off here:

    Once paid, you will instantly get a link to our Bad File Submission Form. Please fill in as best as possible and submit your compressed bad QuarkXPress or InDesign file with NO fonts or images. (Need only the bad file itself)
    - or alternatively, get me a link to where we can download your problematic file.

    We will then inform you of our progress, which is generally within hours. There is a further, small fee, if we are able to fix the document (no cure, no further pay), based on the size of your bad file. These fees, which you only pay after reviewing a FIXED file (50% or more recovered, or if you use what we sent you), look like this:

    $/€ 99 (0-100 MB)
    $/€ 129 (101-200 MB)
    $/€ 149 (201-500 MB)
    $/€ 199 (500 MB – 1 GB)

    If larger than 1GB, please inquire for further details…

    Friendly Regards,
    David Dilling

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