Recover QuarkXPress Content from Damaged QuarkXPress File

Save QuarkXPress text from a damaged QuarkXPress file by using Markzware MarkzTools or file recovery service:

A damaged QuarkXPress file that will not open is something that most QuarkXPress users fear, especially those who work with large QXP files. Yet, the text in this damaged QuarkXPress file could be saved using MarkzTools or the file recovery service by Markzware.

Save corrupted QuarkXPress files with MarkzTools QuarkXPress XTension

Damaged QuarkXPress File Recovery by Markzware

Ever had a problem opening a QuarkXPress file or received QXP error messages? Markzware has solutions to this problem, and, as many users have attested, has often helped to recover QuarkXPress content from a damaged QuarkXPress file via MarkzTools or the Markzware file recovery service.

MarkzTools Conversion Options for Documents with Layouts
Layout Converting Option in Markzware XTension to down-save QuarkXPressConversion options in Markzware MarkzTools include
options for text attributes, picture previews and layouts

Have a damaged QuarkXPress file? Contact Markzware today to see how we can help you recover damaged QuarkXPress files to save your QXP documents! To recover QuarkXPress content, use the Scavenge Text feature in MarkzTools, available at the MarkzTools Store, or have Markzware recover it  for you: just follow the file recovery procedures and submit your damaged QuarkXPress (or InDesign CS) file.

Recover QuarkXPress from damaged QuarkXPress files with MarkzTools or Markzware file recovery service! 

Recover QuarkXPress Content from Damaged QuarkXPress File by

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  1. What a nonsens! You offer an XTension for QXP 8 and we are at version 9. No thoughts about that?
    It was a very useful XTension at its time but is outdated years already!

    Regards, Eric

  2. Hi Erich, Indeed, Markztools is only for QuarkXpress 8. We cannot make, at least at this time, a similar Markztools 9 for Quark 9, for the file format and some other internal changes do not allow it.

    What we do offer though, is the Markzware File Recovery Service and the Markzware File Conversion Service. Here we can fix or down-save QuarkXPress layouts for you.

    What do you need Markztools the most for?

    Friendly Regards,
    David Dilling

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