InDesign CS6 Content Search, How to Search InDesign Files: PageZephyr

In an InDesign CS6 content search with PageZephyr Search, you can use simple features to search InDesign files. Once the relevant files appear on your desktop, you can use the found text to create new content:

PageZephyr Search, Markzware‘s content search application, has features to help users search InDesign files. Find relevant content in INDD documents created for Adobe Creative Suite output. (You can also search INDD documents for Creative Cloud.) You can customize your search for eDiscovery, to locate specific text in stories on your hard drive.

Click on the video below to see how to do an InDesign CS6 content search. Find text in graphic design file formats created with digital publishing software:

InDesign CS6 Content Search in
INDD Files Created with Digital Publishing Software

User-friendly features for InDesign CS6 content search help to find relevant text

Steps for InDesign CS6 Content Search

How to Search InDesign Files with PageZephyr Search Mac:

  • Type in the word you’re looking for.
  • Hit Enter. (You’ll see a list of native files on the left and the text within the highlighted file on the right.)
  • To see the word in context, right click “Show Selection in Document”. (If you have an appropriate version of InDesign loaded, it’ll highlight that word and show you where it is in the document.)
  • To Copy and Paste the text out, you can either click and drag to select text, or hit Command-A (Select All), and do Copy. (That will copy the text to your clipboard, which makes it available for
    use in other applications.)

Register PageZephyr Search to Search InDesign Files
Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Successful Registration
Register your content search application, so it can help you search InDesign files

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InDesign CS6 content search with PageZephyr Search!