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InDesign to the Internet

Want to convert InDesign to the Internet via Box.net upload? First, you need InDesign file content. To search InDesign and find that content, use PageZephyr Search. This Mac content search application from Markzware can find specific content within INDD documents. You can use that Adobe InDesign content to create stories for Box.net upload. InDesign to Internet is now possible.

Markzware’s PageZephyr Search can help you find content to use for your Box.net upload to the web. You can copy and paste found text to create content for upload to your online Box.net blog.

InDesign to Internet Conversion
This PageZephyr Search video shows how you can search InDesign files for specific content. Use that content to upload InDesign to Box.net on the Internet. See how this desktop search tool for desktop publishing (DTP) works:

Find Content to use to Export from InDesign to Box.net

Search InDesign for text and create content, using PageZephyr Search.
Then, send a Box.net upload to publish InDesign to the Internet.

Markzware PageZephyr Search Banner
Try PageZephyr Search, the desktop search engine for digital publishing. Find text for content creation. Then, convert InDesign to the Internet via Box.net upload!

InDesign to Box.net upload; convert InDesign to Internet with PageZephyr.

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