PageZephyr Search

PageZephyr Search

Thar’s Gold $$$ In Those InDesign Files!
Now, You Can Really Mine and Search Your Content
In All Your InDesign CS through CC Documents!!

You need to search the text content of InDesign documents located on your computer.

Maybe you are looking for that brochure you created years ago for that software convention.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could search for a term or phrase you know you used in the document? Maybe a nugget like2010 Software Convention” and see a list of all of your InDesign CS
through CC documents containing that phrase?

Well then, you need PageZephyr Search!

This Stand-Alone application for OS X allows you to search and view text in 1000′s of InDesign documents.

Once installed PageZephyr Search will find and index all of your InDesign documents on your computer, making the documents searchable. Not only will you have the ability to search and view the text content from within our Stand-Alone application, you will also have the ability to quickly find the InDesign files you are looking for using Apples built in Finder Search.


See PageZephyr Search in Action

Search and View Text in PageZephyr Search

Search and view results within the context of the InDesign documents text.

Search and view results within the context of the InDesign documents text. The PageZephyr Search Stand-Alone application will give you quick and easy access to the story content of your InDesign files.

Open PageZephyr Search and enter a word or phrase in the search input field. Files which contain that search word or phrase will be displayed in the left hand area of the window. Click any of the results to view the stories which contain the search term.

The application also gives you the ability to Open the document in InDesign, Show in Finder as well as Copy the story content right out of the window without having to open InDesign.

Search InDesign Documents Through the Finder

Do quick simple searches through Apples Finder Search.

Do quick simple specific InDesign searches through Apples Finder Search with PageZephyr Search.

With the Finder selected go to the “File” menu and choose “Find” (?F). In the Search options choose “Name” “ends with” and enter “.indd”. Click the “+” and select “Contents” enter the word or phrase you would like to search for. Finder will now display the InDesign files which contain that word or phrase.


Demo Download

We offer a fully functional 15 day demo of PageZephyr Search. The demo will give you the ability to discover and evaluate the capabilities of PageZephyr Search. We are confident that after trying the demo you will see the enormous value the product offers.

To get started with your demo, simply complete the form below and click submit.
Note: You must provide a valid e-mail address, since that is where the PageZephyr Search demo download link will be sent.

Customer Testimonials

PZ is a one trick pony-and that is a good thing, because it does one trick exceeding well. It saved me hours recently when I was trying to find a version of a three year old InDesign file. I am a book designer, and often receive chapters from other designers. When I need to find a file, I can fire up PZ, go make a coffee and come back and see the file ready for me to work on.

And, I have to confess, my own file naming discipline is not as tight as I’d like. PZ means I don’t have to fall victim to my whimsical file naming.

Price was great, and PZ, as are many of Markzware’s products, in my designer tool kit.

How to make it better? Can’t really see how. It does what I want it to do. Now, if it would make my coffee, well…

Matthew MacKay
Book Designer

Free Upgrade for Existing PageZephyr Users

If you are an existing PageZephyr Customer, please visit our support form, fill out the form, make sure you include your PageZephyr License ID and in the description area add “Please send me my free version of PageZephyr Search“.

System Requirements

Below are the minimum system requirements to install and run PageZephyr Search.

  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Apple Spotlight enabled on volumes to search
  • Internet connection to activate and register PageZephyr Search