PageZephyr Markets

PageZephyr Markets

PageZephyr can offer benefits to industries that include these PageZephyr Markets:


Publishing — Advertising — Graphic Arts

Markzware PageZephyr desktop search assists companies in these PageZephyr markets with large volumes of desktop publishing (DTP) documents. Advertising agencies, creative departments, and account production services that have developed content for their advertisers and customers created within Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress or Microsoft Publisher can take advantage of PageZephyr’s desktop search capabilities.

As an example, print content can can searched, found, edited and modified by the content provider for the internet. The content can be further optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). PageZephyr also allows for adding ‘post tags’ inserted into the ‘post’ before posting the content to a WordPress blog post, assisting you in distributing SEO-friendly content.


Corporate Identity — Branding

Content is one of a corporation’s most valued assets. The data can be spread across several computers through an organization. Those documents can be in many file formats that are no longer supported. PageZephyr desktop search helps corporations struggling to manage voluminous amounts of electronic information.

Over years, millions of documents may be created within a business. Furthermore, content creators come and go. Oftentimes, important documents cannot be found, and expensive resources are used to help recover lost assets or to recreate content. PageZephyr desktop search uncovers those lost assets.

Even though PageZephyr is not a content management system, it helps to mitigate the risk of losing value content. With PageZephyr, one can quickly search documents, using common keyword and keyphrase search terms. Those keywords are highlighted in the PageZephyr Storyboard Window, ready for editing.

Now, valuable content within unsearchable proprietary desktop publishing documents used by these PageZephyr markets can be located, extracted and reused or republished.

At only $99, PageZephyr is extremely powerful and is priced to fit virtually any corporate budget.

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Legal — Intelligence — Law Enforcement — Research

Many corporations have patents or other important information. Some of the content that may be associated with patents may include whitepapers, advertisements, brochures, manuals and corporate brochures, all created in proprietary formats. At times, corporations are confronted with court-validated computer investigations, internal investigations, data compliance auditing and other regulatory inquiries. Those are the times to use PageZephyr to find the ‘smoking gun,’ which may determine winning or losing the case.

Using PageZephyr’s unique ability to index and search desktop publishing documents that were previously unsearchable helps with any eDiscovery effort. PageZephyr desktop search engine will search for and extract the targeted text content from multiple document stories to provide an instant first-pass review necessary to ensure the correct documents are submitted to the legal team.

PageZephyr can help to eliminate unnecessary printing, scanning or post processing expenses in your eDiscovery and distribution processes. Using PageZephyr will dramatically reduce discovery and legal costs. Although PageZephyr is not specifically an e-discovery or e-forensic technology, the PageZephyr search engine is a real-time search tool that can help to locate proprietary documents and content for review.

Companies that use eDiscovery tools such as Symantic Enterprise, CaseLogic, Lexis Nexus, EnCase and other PageZephyr markets would benefit from using PageZephyr. This is especially true in cases where the enterprise possesses document types such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress or Microsoft Publisher.

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