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PDF2DTP (PDF to Desktop Publishing) helps users to convert PDF files to Adobe InDesign. PDF2DTP is an affordable method to move PDF content to an editable format within Adobe InDesign. Once in InDesign, users can edit within a flexible and familiar environment. A single menu selection from within InDesign enables the PDF data conversion. No longer re-create documents from scratch or convert PDFs just one page at a time. PDF2DTP gives you a big head-start in converting your PDF to InDesign.

12 Month Bundle Subscription

Supports InDesign CC 2017 through CS6 on Mac
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Seat Count is the number of systems a single License can be installed on. You may wish to purchase a 5 seat count, quantity 1, to install on 5 machines using a single License.

Quantity is the number of individual Licenses to purchase. You may wish to purchase 5 individual Licenses each to be installed on 1 system.

Choosing the Seat Count option is usually best, it allows for easier management of your License.
If you own a previous version of PDF2DTP, you may qualify for a discounted upgrade.

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$199 USD / €199 / £169 / $281 CAD

Got Tons of PDF Files? Save Tons of Money Convert Them All To InDesign, In Seconds!

On multi-page files, an in-house graphic designer may prefer to design and edit a PDF in InDesign. Yet, external companies may provide a PDF. PDF2DTP can help smooth file conversion and allow graphic designers to finish projects.

PDF2DTP is data conversion software that is easy to use, with a high return on investment. No need to work with cumbersome PDF files or recreate the layout from scratch, let PDF2DTP do the heavy lifting for you.

Markzware’s New Bundle Subscription System
Offers You The Flexibility You Need And Deserve!

Our PDF2DTP Bundle Subscription gives you access to PDF2DTP for InDesign CC and CS6 for Mac, in a single license. This offers you the most flexibility, for one low price.

Bundle Subscription Features

  • Currently running Adobe InDesign CS6 but thinking of upgrading? The subscription covers your upgrade to CC.
  • When Adobe releases a new CC version which breaks compatibility with our current CC plugin, you’ll get the upgraded plugin for free.
  • Easy License Management: Never Remember an Activation Code again!

Mac OS X

Mac OS X

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher
  • A valid license for InDesign
  • Internet connection to activate and register PDF2DTP
  • InDesign recommended hardware requirements to run your version


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 14 reviews
by daytona on PDF2DTP
PDF to Indesign

I volunteer for a Charitable NGO based in South Africa. As a member of the communications team we are always creating reports, newsletters and promotional material for screen and print. A couple years ago I had a hard drive failure and lost many original art and layout files. This past year another volunteer could not locate the original layout of a file. Each time using the PDF2DTP product we were able to re-create the Indesign file just as we had in the first place. It has been a major time saver and huge help to us as we share stories and advocate for Southern Africa's most vulnerable children.Thank you!

by Jodi Cohen on PDF2DTP

I was working on illustrator files that needed to be repurposed for various stores and countries, the art consisted of approx 25 different graphics. One store changed their specs and now only accepts InDesign files. I purchased the PDF2DTP plug in to convert the files so I wouldn't have to rebuild them. I've had the Quark to InDesign plugin which has always worked flawlessly and didn't think I'd have any problems since I have the native files and hi res images.Every image imported incorrectly (50+) either at the wrong size, scaling, rotation or was cropped. All the kerning on every single line of text was bad. I tried converting the type to outlines to solve that problem and then all the lower case "L" were double the width.After spending hours trying different ways to solve these issues including breaking the file up individually into separate graphics, nothing helped. In the end, I just rebuilt everything in InDesign to ensure the accuracy of the graphics. Cutting and pasting the art or even the text from Illustrator to InDesign was not an option due to the complexity of the files.

by Indervir Singh on PDF2DTP
Superior product, formidable service

The service I received from Markzware was far beyond and better compared to what any provider could be able to offer. I have tried a competitor's product, Recosoft, first as I had found that it was better advertised on the internet, however that was a waste of money and time. For a rather complex project, to convert a corporate interactive PDF of over 700 pages with links and buttons of various types on all pages, Recosoft failed blatantly. Markzware's product converted the PDF in a much better way, however it was not sufficient at first, after easy and good contact with the support, the understanding had been established of the complexity and importancy of the assignment. Markzware's sales and support put my in direct contact with their technical lead, an excellent and genius person who managed during the following period of time to thoroughly analyze in person, without charge, and develop a newer, enhanced and more special version of Markzware to tackle the complex assignment.
The result was a very happy customer, and a very complex assignment, to turn the interactive PDF of more than 700 pages into the original Adobe InDesign format.
In short if you're ever in trouble, don't look forward, but choose Markzware, for their product and especially their service.
Special thanks to Ronald and David for helping to get the job done.

by Peter on PDF2DTP

This is a great time saver for me, only drawback is the naming of the .tif files that are taken out of the original pdf.
I don't know how this could be handled better but that's the only drawback.

by Aj Rounsaville on PDF2DTP

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! This has gotten us out of jams when a client no longer has original art and is so easy to use.

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