Convert Publisher with Markzware Pub2ID Data Conversion Software

Data conversion software, Markzware Pub2ID, helps creative professionals and publishers to open Publisher in Adobe Creative Suite INDD:

How to convert Publisher to print acceptable files is an issue faced by many graphic designers, publishers and printers who receive files created in Microsoft Publisher PUB. Pub2ID, an InDesign plugin by Markzware, can help those transitioning to InDesign CS for publishing, as it can open Publisher content in INDD:

Data Conversion Software Pub2ID InDesign Plugin to Convert Publisher to InDesign CS

Open Publisher in Adobe Creative Suite INDD with Markzware Pub2ID

Pub2ID allows creative professionals to offer a valuable service to their clients. Microsoft Publisher files may be submitted to graphic designers, who can use Pub2ID to convert Publisher to InDesign CS for files that are more acceptable for commercial printing and publishing.

For creative professionals who work on a variety of graphic software files, a product that can save time can be a worthy investment. This data conversion software saves a huge amount of time and effort, since you won’t have to recreate the PUB document from scratch and will be able to open Publisher content in Adobe Creative Suite INDD.

Microsoft Publisher To Adobe InDesign Plugin Print Tool within MSPublisher

Being able to convert Publisher PUB images, colors, fonts, and more in one easy step is worth having to do only a bit of tweaking. Convert Publisher with Markzware Pub2ID, the Adobe InDesign plugin for Microsoft Publisher from Markzware. Check out Pub2ID, available online at the Pub2ID Store, and print acceptable files for publishing today!

Convert Publisher with Markzware Pub2ID Data Conversion Software by

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  1. Hi. I have written a WWII history book in Publisher. It contains 500+ pages with many photos and much text. I have almost coompletely formatted with the graphics. I plan to self-publish it probably in Amazon print on demand. In Design CS6 is coming in the mail soon and I am working with a 30 day trial at this moment. Groan….have to reformat most all the book. InDesign has suggested I purchase your conversion program. My concerns first. Can it handle a large long document conversion? Does it make sense to do it chapter by chapter? I could be the answer to my project. Please advise. Regards, Pat Hopper

  2. Hello Pat,

    PUB2ID v6, just out with InDesign CS6 support will indeed quickly and effectively convert MS Publisher to InDesign CS6 with a click. Your file sounds quite large, thus it will take some minutes (stress on minutes not hours and certainly not days, weeks or months), but it can likely convert the entire file in one-go. Just make sure you have enough RAM assigned to InDesign to enough free disk space to handle the PUB to InDesign conversion.

    Your book and project sounds very interesting. My grandfather served on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific during WWII. Once your book is out, feel free to place a link to it here!

    PUB2ID v6 should handle your Publisher book conversion to InDesign just fine.

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