Publisher File Converter: Open Publisher with InDesign Plugin, Pub2ID

Pub2ID InDesign plugin is remarkably fast data conversion software which supports Microsoft Publisher to InDesign file conversion to open Publisher in INDD for graphic design and publishing. Markzware ƒdevelops document conversion tools for graphic arts and offers Pub2ID, the simple-to-use Publisher file converter that can open Publisher in Adobe InDesign CS6:

Markzware is a developer of many document conversion tools and is committed to providing innovation with useful features for graphic design, publishing, and support for several graphic software layout applications, including the popular Adobe Creative Suite. Markzware offers Pub2ID, a Publisher file converter to convert Publisher to Adobe InDesign files used by publishers and graphic arts pros. Watch this video demo of how this InDesign plugin can open Publisher legacy files within InDesign INDD:

Publisher File Converter: How to Open Publisher with an InDesign Plugin

Pub2ID can convert Publisher to Adobe InDesign, along with fonts and other document elements

Convert PUB legacy files to make use of archived content. Pub2ID integrates well with Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Creative Suite InDesign CS for graphic arts and can open Publisher in InDesign for editing within INDD. This Publisher file converter makes it easy for creative professionals and publishers to work with either graphic software for publishing. Markzware’s Publisher file converter gives creative professionals and publishers the opportunity to adapt to InDesign CS6, to accommodate a wider range of customer requests, and to better compete in today’s demanding market.

Publisher File Converter, Pub2ID and Text Formatting EffectsPub2ID for InDesign CS6 Supported and Non-Supported Text Formatting EffectsAdobe CS6 plugin, Markzware Pub2ID, can open Publisher text in InDesign CS

Pub2ID Publisher to InDesign data conversion software is amazingly affordable and helps to streamline the workflow for creative professionals. You can purchase this InDesign plugin at the Pub2ID Store. For more document conversion tools, please visit the Markzware Store.

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Publisher File Converter: Open Publisher with Markzware Pub2ID, the InDesign plugin to open Publisher within InDesign CS6. This data conversion software can open Publisher in InDesign for Adobe Creative Suite INDD workflows!

Publisher File Converter: Open Publisher with InDesign Plugin, Pub2ID by

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  1. I am looking for the Pub2ID version you had for CS5. I would like to purchase it, as I have CS5 on my MAC and MSPub on my PC. I need to convert everything from my PC done in MSPub to my MAC that has CS5. What do you have available for purchase?

  2. Hi Mary Elizabeth, PUB2ID is only for CS6 at the moment and soon will be for CC. We do not have a CC version. We do offer a Markzware File Conversion Service, whereby we do the conversions for you – costs are generally $19 per file and you can contact for more details.

    David Dilling of Markzware

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