Adobe CS6 Plugin for QuarkXPress to InDesign Data Conversion, Q2ID

QuarkXPress to InDesign data conversion with Adobe CS6 plugin, Markzware Q2ID:

Migrate QuarkXPress content to an Adobe InDesign CS6 document. Use InDesign plugin, Q2ID. This data conversion software can convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CS6 for Adobe Creative Suite.

Markzware, the leading developer of data conversion software, offers Q2ID, the acclaimed
Adobe CS6 plugin for QXP file conversion. Q2ID enables users to import QuarkXPress into InDesign files.

The latest version of Q2ID provides full support for Adobe Creative Suite INDD to open QuarkXPress in InDesign. Q2ID CS6 can import QuarkXPress 9 data into a new INDD document, including colors, fonts, styles, images, tables, page positioning, layers, blends, text attributes, runarounds, linked text boxes, and anchored boxes.

How to Use Q2ID Adobe CS6 Plugin for QuarkXPress to InDesign Data Conversion
Markzware Q2ID Adobe CS6 plugin allows users to
import QuarkXPress content into a new INDD document

Markzware Q2ID data conversion software will save you hours of re-design. Q2ID for Adobe CS6 can convert QuarkXPress to InDesign files in INDD, on both Mac and Windows systems.

Why bother with the tediousness of manual file conversion, when Q2ID makes data conversion a cinch? Click “Q2ID” in the Markzware menu. Then, click “Convert QuarkXPress Document”, and select the file to convert. It’s that simple!

Import QuarkXPress tables and more into InDesign CS6 with Q2ID
Adobe CS6 plugin, Markzware Q2ID can convert QuarkXPress to InDesign,
with tables, fonts, images, colors, etc.

Q2ID Adobe CS6 plugin is a worthwhile investment. It is available from Markzware resellers in your area, at the online Q2ID Store. For more document conversion tools, please visit the Markzware Store.

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Convert QuarkXPress to InDesign with Adobe CS6 plugin, Markzware Q2ID for Adobe Creative Suite!

Adobe CS6 Plugin for QuarkXPress to InDesign Data Conversion, Q2ID by

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  1. Hi!

    I work in CS3. I would like to convert Quark 4.1 documents to InDesign. Can I still buy yor Plugin, for CS3?


  2. Hello Nagy,

    Thank you for your interest in Q2ID. We have two options:

    1) Q2ID for CS6, CS5.5 or CS5 – which will convert all QuarkXPress files right into InDesign. This costs only 199 and offers unlimited conversions. See:
    * There is NO CS4 or CS3 version, sorry – you would need to Upgrade your Creative Suite license first.


    2) The Markzware File Conversion, where we do the conversions for you at $/€19 per document (if file bigger then 35MB email me for a quote). See:

    Which option would you like to go with?

    Friendly Regards,
    David Dilling
    sales AT markzware DOT come

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