Convert Multiple QuarkXPress Files to InDesign CS6 with Markzware Q2ID

Convert multiple QuarkXPress files at a time to Adobe Creative Suite InDesign CS6 with Q2ID data conversion software by Markzware, publisher of several document conversion tools:

Q2ID, an InDesign plugin by Markzware, helps users to convert multiple QuarkXPress documents (including fonts, colors, and images) from QuarkXPress to InDesign CS6 for Adobe Creative Suite. Select multiple QXP files by using Command-click or Shift-click in InDesign’s Open dialog when you convert QuarkXPress to InDesign files in INDD with this Adobe CS6 plugin:

Convert Multiple QuarkXPress Files to InDesign CS6 with
Q2ID Data Conversion Software

InDesign plugin for multiple QuarkXPress file conversion to INDD, Markzware Q2ID CS6

Adobe CS6 plugin, Q2ID, can convert multiple QuarkXPress layouts to InDesign CS6. If the QuarkXPress document contains more than one Layout, you will be asked to choose a specific Layout or you can elect to convert All Layouts.

Please use the Markzware/Q2ID/Convert QuarkXPress Document… menu to select the QXP file you wish to convert to InDesign INDD, when you use the Convert All Layouts feature. Selecting All Layouts will convert only the first layout in the QXP document if you use the InDesign File Open command to select a QXP file.

Convert Multiple QuarkXPress Files to InDesign CS6 with Q2ID
Choose a specific Layout or elect to convert All Layouts Markzware Q2ID data conversion software can
convert QuarkXPress to InDesign using more than one layout

Q2ID is especially handy for printers, publishers and creative professionals who need to import QuarkXPress into InDesign for today’s fast-paced, graphic design workflows. You can purchase the Q2ID CS6 InDesign plugin for file conversion at the online Q2ID Store for Macintosh and Q2ID Store for Windows. For more document conversion tools, feel free to visit the Markzware Store.

Convert multiple QuarkXPress layouts and more with document conversion tools from Markzware. Convert QuarkXPress to InDesign in Adobe Creative Suite with the Adobe CS6 plugin for QuarkXPress to InDesign file conversion, Q2ID CS6!

Convert Multiple QuarkXPress Files to InDesign CS6 with Markzware Q2ID by

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  1. Wow, can it really be THAT easy?! Just purchased and used plugIn to convert Quark brochure over to InDesign, since that is the program I am going to be using, a “Cloud member” …. I have several files to convert and just sat there staring at the screen in disbelief as your PlugIn opened a 4 full color brochure in one minute, maybe less. Everything is there, fonts didn’t reflow, wow, thank you!!! woohoo..worth every penny… now to try the PDF converter, yay!

  2. Thank you Sherri and very glad to hear your feedback on Q2ID. PDF2DTP is also amazing for PDF to InDesign!

  3. I am really tempted to purchase this as it would help me with a potential client I have. They have everything in QuarkXpress and I wanted a single solution to convert everything into InDesign CS6 otherwise it is going to take me ages to convert everything. The only query I have for you is do you need to have QuarkXPress on your machine for the conversion software to work and for my computer QX files on my Mac. I initially thought that it would read the file as unrecognisable but if you could answer this for me please I would be really grateful.

    Thank You

  4. Hi Daniel, Good question. No, you do not need QuarkXPress on your machine to use Q2ID. Markzware Q2ID is an InDesign plugin that will convert QuarkXPress files right into InDesign with a click. Here is how it works:

    Friendly Regards,
    David Dilling

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