Markzware Q2ID Adobe CS6 Plugin to Import QuarkXPress into InDesign

QuarkXPress to InDesign plugin, Markzware Q2ID, simplifies the graphic design publishing workflow by making file conversion fast and easy. Open QuarkXPress in INDD for Adobe Creative Suite with this Adobe CS6 plugin:

Customers or colleagues may provide legacy files in QXP, but no worries, because you can import QuarkXPress into InDesign files with Q2ID for InDesign CS6, CS5.5 or CS5. Q2ID CS6 is an InDesign plugin by Markzware to convert QuarkXPress to InDesign. Q2ID is the favorite go-to data conversion software of numerous creative professionals, printers, publishers, and graphic designers worldwide.

QuarkXPress to InDesign Plugin Q2ID for InDesign CS6

Transfer QXP fonts, images, colors and more with
Markzware Q2ID CS6 for Adobe Creative Suite

Markzware’s Adobe CS6 plugin, Q2ID, can quickly import QuarkXPress into InDesign files, allowing you to edit within InDesign CS6. Just choose “Markzware” and then “Convert QuarkXPress Document”.

With the popularity of Adobe Creative Suite INDD and all the new features, Q2ID smoothes the transition from QuarkXPress QXP files by providing file conversion to InDesign CS6. There’s a reason why customers purchase and recommend Q2ID. Like the other Markzware Products, this data conversion software simply works well.

Select “Q2ID” then “Convert QuarkXPress Document”
under the Markzware menu to open QuarkXPress in InDesign Files

Two Menu Items under the Q2ID MenuImport QuarkXPress into INDD with Markzware Q2ID

You can buy Q2ID CS6 at the online Q2ID Store for Macintosh or the Q2ID Store for Windows. For more information on InDesign plugins for file conversion, please visit the Markzware Store page.

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Import QuarkXPress into InDesign CS6 with the Markzware Q2ID Adobe CS6 plugin!

Markzware Q2ID Adobe CS6 Plugin to Import QuarkXPress into InDesign by

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  1. Hi, I’m am currently using Quark 6.5, but will be switching to CS6 in the near future. Will Q2ID be able to open my Quark 6.5 files?

  2. Hello Julie,

    Yes, Q2ID sure will open QuarkXPress 6.5 files (and lower and higher). It is a small price to pay for a tool that pays for itself after generally only one job:

    Take care,
    David of Markzware

  3. I am looking to convert Quark 9 & 10 file into InDesign. What would be the best solution?

  4. Hi, the Q2ID Subscription Bundle only, currently supports up to Quark 9 files for conversion. We will be updating that, very soon, to have Quark 10 support as well. In the mean time, you can export your Quark 10 files as v9 types (File – Export in QuarkXPress 10) and they will convert with Q2ID into InDesign for you.

    Cheers, David Dilling of Markzware

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