PasteBoard XT XPress 8, XTerminator and the PasteBoard XTension

Many of you QuarkXPress users out there may have heard of our PasteBoard XT. For those new to it, this Quark XTension, one of the oldest out there, changes the width and height of the QuarkXPress pasteboard. It allows one to adjust by value as well as by percentage, giving a wider range of options than that within the QuarkXPress application. Pasteboard was developed for Mac in Quark 7 or Quark 8.

In the past, as in QuarkXPress v3.33 past, there was a version of Pasteboard XTension that was a requirement in order to work with the document. (Ask some of the older ones of us about those times!) We of course adjusted that, however you may find the need for our free XTerminator Quark XT, now called the  Kill PasteBoard XT, which will remove the requirement of needing Pasteboard, for really old, almost legacy files you may come across.

PasteBoard XT XPress 8, XTerminator and the PasteBoard XTension by

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  1. I need “Kill PasteBoard XT” for Quark 8 in a Windows Version.

  2. Unfortunately, the Kill PB XTension is for Mac only.
    If you know of someone or have a friend with a Macintosh, you may download the file at:
    If not, please send us the file, complete the support form at and we will try to assist you.

  3. I can’t install kill PB Xtension in my Mac. I can’t find instructions on how to do it. Please help. Have Mac 10.5.8 system. and Quark 8.1.6

  4. Hi Alfredo, KillPB is a free Quark XTension for QuarkXPress 5, 6, 7 and 8 on the Macintosh. You can grab it here:

    To install, simply download, de-compress the archive and then place the XT itself (The .xnt if it is for QuarkXPress 8 – the “KILLPBQ8.xnt” XT or file) into your “XTension folder” which is within your QuarkXPress application folder. Re-start Quark and now it will remove the Pasteboard requirement from a document.

    Tip – do not decompress from your desktop but first place the archive in your HD. Then double-click and decompress with the built-in decompression function on the Mac OS.

    And do not forget to check out FlightCheck for preflighting Quark and many other file formats before outputting, as one last, very important tip.

    I hope this helps. -David

  5. Hello, the download page no work

    please upload again


  6. Thank you Guillermo, we will look into this,

  7. I am in need of the Kill PB extension for Mac. It’s supposedly free, but I cannot gain access to it. When I try to access this website:, I repeatedly get this message: “No Results Found. The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post.” I am quite frustrated!

  8. For the time being, we’ve redirected the freebie link to the PasteBoard page. From there you’ll find the FREE Kill PB.
    We apologize for any inconvenience.

  9. I need the Pasteboard Killer for Quark 4. Is it still around?

  10. Yes. Simply go here:

    to download either one of the following:

    Kill PasteBoard XT QuarkXPress 6
    Kill PasteBoard XT QuarkXPress 7
    Kill PasteBoard XT QuarkXPress 8

  11. Pasteboard XT was pasted to me from an agency and has been driving me crazy for years! I was trying to open a 7 year old Quark file and was so happy to find Kill PasteBoard XT! It worked great! Just download and drop into your Quark Xtensions and restart. So fast and no more Pasteboard XT! Thanks David for your instructions!

  12. I miss Pasteboard XT! The pasteboard of Xpress is to small in height for large projects like posters.
    could you please bring this Xtension back?

  13. Dear Sirs:
    In the past I used to work with PasteBoard because QXP doesn’t offer this. Unfortunately I can’t find a version of PasteBoard for QXP 9.0. – How could you help me? Thank you for your soon response.
    Yours sincerely,
    Dieter Ullrich

  14. Hello Dieter, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we do not have PasteBoard for QuarkXPress 9. Very sorry. Take care, David

  15. I’ve downloaded for Quark 9. I can’t find where to use it in my file. What menu is it under? Thanks.

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