Product Updaters & Installer Files

Product Updaters & Installer Files

Markzware Updaters and Installers
To install Markzware products, you must own the specific product version license key in order to activate using the installer below. Each link below requires a unique license ID to activate. If you have any difficulty locating your license ID, please contact Markzware Support. We always strive to make our products better and offer FREE replacement installers for our software products.

Check the version of your currently installed Markzware product if you are using the installers below as product updaters. Then, select the version of your product that most closely matches. All Apple Macintosh are compressed and can be decompressed by double-clicking. For Windows, you need to use Unzippit or Stuffit Extractor software to open the file. Do not install a Markzware product that is half (.5) a version number or higher than your version; this will not activate, as it requires a paid upgrade.

Please click on the applicable product below to see the updater and/or installer information for that product.

PAGEZEPHYR (Desktop Search)
Q2ID (Quark to InDesign)
PUB2ID (Publisher to InDesign)
ID2Q (InDesign to Quark)

FLIGHTCHECK (preflight for print)

If you purchased FlightCheck since October 23, 2012, please use your unique URL download link instead of the installers listed below. The files listed below are for older versions of FlightCheck purchased prior to October 23, 2012. If you have version FlightCheck v6.5-6.9  and require support for CS6 or CC files, please purchase an upgrade to FlightCheck 7.

  • FlightCheck v6.80 (MAC)
  • FlightCheck v6.5-6.76 (MAC)
  • FlightCheck v6.0-6.12 (MAC)

PAGEZEPHYR (Desktop Search)

This installer will allow any current licensed Markzware PageZephyr user to install Markzware PageZephyr from version 2 with a valid activation or license key.

  • PageZephyr v2.x (MAC)

These files are for customers that have already purchased the MarkzTools version listed. We no longer sell MarkzTools. These updaters are for legacy versions previously purchased. The updater for MarkzTools version 8 will NOT work with MarkzTools version 7 or older license keys or activation codes. This updater can also be used as a full installer with a valid License ID or Activation Code.

  • MarkzTools (for QuarkXPress 8) v8.x (MAC)
  • MarkzTools (for QuarkXPress 7) v7.x (MAC)

Q2ID (Quark to InDesign)
If you have purchased Q2ID since June 17, 2012, please use your unique URL download link instead of these installers. The files listed below are for older versions of Q2ID purchased prior to June 2012. We no longer support CS2, CS3 or CS4 InDesign, and our current versions will only work with CS5, CS5.5, CS6 or CC InDesign.

  • Q2ID v5.50 (Quark to InDesign CS4) (MAC) (WIN)
  • Q2ID v5.0 (Quark to InDesign CS4) (MAC) (WIN)
  • Q2ID v4.x (Quark to InDesign CS3) (MAC) (WIN)

PUB2ID (Publisher to InDesign)
These files are for customers that have already purchased the PUB2ID version listed. PUB2ID v6 will NOT work with codes for PUB2ID v5 or older.

  • PUB2ID v5.5 (Publisher to InDesign CS4, CS5 or CS5.5) (MAC) (WIN)
  • PUB2ID v3.x (Publisher to InDesign CS4 or CS5) (MAC) (WIN)
  • PUB2ID v2.x (Publisher to InDesign CS3) (MAC) (WIN)

ID2Q (InDesign to Quark)
These files are for customers that have already purchased the Markzware ID2Q version listed. For example, if you have ID2Q version 6, you will need to purchase ID2Q v6.6, which will NOT work with codes from earlier versions of ID2Q.

  • ID2Q v6.x (InDesign to QuarkXPress 8 or 9) (MAC) (WIN)
  • ID2Q v5.x (InDesign to QuarkXPress 7 or 8) (MAC) (WIN)
  • ID2Q v4.x (InDesign to QuarkXPress 6) (MAC) (WIN)