Adobe InDesign Printing Guide: FlightCheck Preflight Solution

FlightCheck, preflight solution by Markzware, is a valuable resource for prepress providers. If you work in prepress, let FlightCheck be your Adobe InDesign printing guide: 

Adobe InDesign printing is much in demand, and prepress providers need to preflight files for print quality control. To define preflight profiles, check out the FlightCheck preflight solution from Markzware. Markzware is the inventor of FlightCheck, the preflight solution for quality control in prepress workflows for Adobe InDesign printing and more.

Consult with your prepress provider to obtain a preflight profile or to learn what the settings are for preflight profiles. See how easy Adobe InDesign printing can be with FlightCheck in this video demonstration for prepress providers of Adobe InDesign printing:

Adobe InDesign Printing Guide: FlightCheck

FlightCheck, the preflight solution from Markzware, can be a valuable Adobe InDesign printing guide

FlightCheck scans files to alert you to potential printing problems, so that you can ensure printing quality. FlightCheck also provides a detailed preflight report to guide you to properly printing Adobe InDesign documents. FlightCheck is available from Markzware at the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Preflighting Multiple Adobe InDesign Files with Markzware FlightCheck
Preflighting Multiple InDesign Files with Markzware FlightCheckFlightCheck Ground Controls, Page Layout and results screens help act as an Adobe InDesign printing guide

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Adobe InDesign Printing Guide: FlightCheck Preflight Solution

Auto Preflight Options

Auto Preflight Options in FlightCheck

Watch here how to turn on Auto Preflight Detection within FlightCheck v7 Mac:

Auto Preflight

Alright. Today, we’re going to go over Auto Preflight Detection in FlightCheck 7. How to automatically switch preflight profiles, or Ground Control sets, and preflight paines, based on file type. Now, everyone should, hopefully, know what Ground Controls  are. If not, we have a great series of videos on how to set up your Ground Controls.

Markzware FlightCheck Auto Preflight Options

You go in here and click on or off all the settings. One small dot is a warning. A full dot or square is an error. And you can change these and you can make different sets of Ground Controls. And some can be based on PDF, and some can be based on Open files. And this, the default, I always have based for InDesign files. And there, you can adjust things to how you like. Right? You can export and share these, etc.

Under File, the Preflight Mode, you can change languages there, as well. German, Dutch, French, but you can also, Spanish. You can also go under English, US English, and change to the PDF interface. It even warns you Auto Preflight is there, and you see the Ground Controls change. Now, these are all PDF-based set of checks, and we get a different interface up top. There’s no package or collect job, which is more important in a, for a Quark or InDesign or Illustrator file.

Auto preflight detection under FlightCheck Preferences, just says click here in the flight strip Preferences. And under Advanced, you can then choose the Auto Preflight Detection and click on Customize. From there, you can see we have some object classes and Preflight Mode set up. And if you hit Expert Mode, you get even more information. We’re going to have Minimum and Maximum Doc Versions, Application Types, Creator Type, Extension Type, etc. Turn that off for now. Or you can add a new class, a new type of file type just by here and you can say, “Okay, well, I want Photoshop native files to have… and you must go into your Applications > FlightCheck 7 Mac >  Data > and the language you’re choosing, you’re using.

And then you can choose non-PDF interface, or Preflight Mode, as we call it. And then, you can also define a set of Ground Controls. So, we’ll say Default. And you’ll see it here. And you’ll see you have for Illustrator, a set of checks [to preflight and package Illustrator]. And also, set at Default, and lots of others. Okay? So, when we click OK, the Auto Preflight Detection should now work. Alright. What I’ll first do is take a PDF here and we’ll drop it on the FlightCheck flight strip. (FlightCheck eagle screeches.)

And you’ll see the Ground Controls are at PDF/x1-a, but, you see, this is not a perfect PDF/x1-a. So, right away, we know, and you see what the problems are. Right? Now, if I leave those Ground Controls open and note the interface. If I then take one of these Illustrator, native Illustrator, files and drop it on the flight strip… (FlightCheck eagle screeches.)

Look at that! We get a whole different interface. We get, automatically, it warns us of the problems. There’s a missing font I have. I did not convert fonts to outline. I have a missing font in there. Very handy to know. And we can see it and this is extremely useful, FlightCheck, for checking Illustrator and Photoshop files. What you see is the Ground Controls switched from those PDF/x1-a to PDF interface, right to the Default set of Ground Controls, which we just set up, up in the Preferences. So, very handy!

So, that’s FlightCheck, and how to set up in the File Preferences the, under Advanced, the Auto Preflight Detection, a very powerful way to automatically change your preflight checks, based on file type, and even versioning, and extension, and much more. So, it’s been, here, David Dilling, with this tip of the day, how to set up Auto Preflight Detection in Markzware’s FlightCheck 7 for InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, PDF, Photoshop, you name it. We’re going to help you preflight it, before you go to print, press, or even for online use.

Check us out today on and try the free demonstration version of FlightCheck for 30 days. Try it for yourself. It’s really amazing! A great tool to have in anybody’s toolbox. It goes much further than just InDesign, or any other preflight tool. It’s stand-alone, powerful, and it’ll help you in your workflow, to save time, money, and, more importantly, stop headaches. Take care.

Buy FlightCheck and get your Auto Preflight options in order today!

How to Preflight and Package Illustrator with Markzware FlightCheck

Preflight Adobe Illustrator and collect files to package Illustrator with Markzware FlightCheck, the preflight solution for Adobe Creative Suite prepress:

Preflight and Package Illustrator with Markzware FlightCheck
Prepress workflows may require creative professionals to preflight Illustrator files before the print job goes to press. FlightCheck, the patented preflight solution from Markzware can help. This pre-press software can check Adobe Creative Suite files and more to ensure print quality control, and, furthermore, can collect files to package Illustrator files into a folder for sending along to the next associate in the print workflow.

Your prepress job submission can affect the printing quality of your workflow’s printed product, so you’ll want to check Adobe and other native files with trustworthy pre-press software. This video walks you through a demonstration of how to properly preflight Adobe Illustrator to improve your print workflow:

How to Preflight and Package Illustrator with Markzware FlightCheck

FlightCheck can thoroughly check Adobe Illustrator during preflight in .ai files for missing fonts,
low image resolution, and much more, then package Illustrator for easy print job submission

FlightCheck can collect files with all linked images and used fonts, as well as fully preflight Illustrator and provide a detailed preflight report, which certifies that the document has, in fact, passed preflighting. FlightCheck can also preflight Adobe InDesign, Acrobat PDF, Photoshop, and several other DTP file formats.

Users can Quickly Preflight Adobe Illustrator with
Customizable FlightCheck Ground Controls

Package Adobe Illustrator with Markzware FlightCheck Markzware FlightCheck can package Illustrator,
with all fonts and images, into one folder

Why Preflight Adobe Illustrator and Package Illustrator with FlightCheck?
Markzware FlightCheck can:

  • Check Adobe Creative Suite and other file types (PDF or non-PDF), without the native layout applications.
  • List categories of potential printing problems for easy selection of items to be examined during preflight.
  • Save money by eliminating reprints and maximizing printing capacity.
  • Collect and package fonts, even third-party fonts, and images.
  • Scan and collect files for the entire print job in one session, using rule sets that you can customize.

Markzware is on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social web sites. You could do a favor for your contacts who are graphic designers, printers, publishers, or creative professionals. Let them know that FlightCheck pre-press software can check Adobe Illustrator and much more. Social media users can post, tweet and re-tweet this valuable prepress tip!

Markzware FlightCheck, preflight solution for DTP workflows, is available for purchase via the FlightCheck page. More printing solutions are available on the Markzware Products page. Please feel free to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List and to comment below.

Preflight Adobe Illustrator and package Illustrator with Markzware FlightCheck, the standard-setting preflight solution for prepress!

Adobe PDF Preflight Software: FlightCheck Acrobat Preflight for Mac

Preflighting PDF during prepress helps graphic designers, printers and publishers to ensure quality printing. Markzware develops FlightCheck to check Adobe Acrobat PDF, as well as non-PDF, files before printing:

Preflighting PDF can save printers and publishers from paying for costly reprints. As more Adobe Acrobat files enter print workflows, it is reassuring to know that FlightCheck, the Adobe PDF preflight software by Markzware, can provide printing quality assurance.

While preflighting PDF and several other file types, FlightCheck Acrobat preflight for Mac allows you to check an extensive list of document details to ensure proper printing:

Acrobat Preflight for Mac – FlightCheck

Preflight PDF Tools in Markzware FlightCheck Preflight Solution
FlightCheck checking a PDF file with the only Preflight PDF Tools one needs!

Markzware’s Adobe PDF preflight software, FlightCheck, can check page elements including colors, file status,
images, resolution, page setup, trapping, fonts and more, to ensure printing quality before printing.

FlightCheck, Markzware’s Adobe PDF preflight software, allows printing and publishing businesses to achieve top printing quality control. FlightCheck Acrobat preflight for Mac finds possible printing problems so they can be corrected before printing, saving time and materials.

Use Markzware’s Adobe PDF preflight software,
FlightCheck, to handle Acrobat preflight for Mac

Check PDF files and more during preflight for quality print output with Markzware FlightCheck, the Adobe PDF preflight software by Markzware to ensure quality print pieces. FlightCheck Acrobat preflight for Mac is available via the FlightCheck page.

Markzware welcomes your feedback on preflighting for print and publishing. We encourage your comments via the “Share Your Thoughts” section below.

Acrobat preflight for Mac: Use Markzware’s Adobe PDF preflight software, FlightCheck to ensure printing quality! 

Add Images in InDesign: How to Add Image in InDesign, Use FlightCheck

How to Add Images in InDesign

Adding images to an InDesign page layout for desktop publishing (DTP) can be done in many ways. There is, however, a right and a wrong way. Watch, in this prepress tutorial video, how to add images in InDesign INDD, while maintaining print quality control, by using a preflight solution:

Add Images in InDesign – YouTube

Markzware FlightCheck preflight solution helps prepress users who
add images in InDesign CS6 and other DTP
native files

Add images in InDesign, the transcript:
In this first example, we’re going to have the Type tool selected, and adding an image in a text area. To add an image into InDesign CS6 or lower, it’s as easy as File > Place or Command-D on the Macintosh. You then get an Open dialogue, where you can choose the graphic or image you want to add into InDesign. You select it and hit Open. It is that easy to add an image in InDesign. You can then resize at will.

In this next example, we’re going to have the Selection tool selected and add an image. Same process. File > Place. Select the image and then you can now place it where you like, anywhere within your layout. Look. It’s that easy to add images in InDesign from Adobe. This applies for InDesign CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4 and even earlier versions.

Now, what not to do. Do not drag-and-drop images from your web browser from the internet into your InDesign document. Very tempting. There may even be copyright issues. It looks great in your InDesign document, but it will not print correctly. Also, copying and pasting from Word, or PowerPoint or Publisher can also cause various problems, including your file going corrupt and dying on you. It is tempting to just Copy and Paste everything right in, and it works a lot of the time, but very dangerous.

Markzware’s FlightCheck. Let’s see what that tells us. Markzware’s FlightCheck is our stand-alone application to preflight more than fifty file formats: InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, you name it. Here, you see the three images showed up as Stored, and are in red, indicating a potential error. Very important to use FlightCheck in your design process, because it’ll help you find problems when adding images or fonts or whatever else. What you see here, these images do not even show up in the InDesign Links panel. Very confusing for the novice user. They do show up in FlightCheck. You see them right here, those three images are right here, in FlightCheck.
Add Images in Adobe InDesign
FlightCheck (prepress software, a preflight solution available via the FlightCheck page) will package your file, as well, with all fonts and images. And that’s the problem: if you drag-and-drop from the internet or copy and paste from Word or Excel or PowerPoint, those images aren’t necessarily on your hard drive, won’t be collected, and won’t print right at the printer.

So, that’s how you can add images in InDesign, and how not to add them, and how to stop problems.
David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a great day!