Acrobat 9 Preflight

Preflight Adobe Acrobat 9 with FlightCheck, the patented preflighting software to check documents for potential printing problems before document output. Acrobat 9 has a variety of features and functions built-in, including Flash and several online options, such as Buzzword and Connect, and preflighting is an important step in the Acrobat 9 prepress workflow. FlightCheck can preflight Acrobat 9 documents to catch possible errors before printing.

“Greatly Expanded Preflighting: Acrobat has had decent preflighting capabilities for a while, but in version 9 they’re re-designed with a simpler interface and easier way to make corrections automatically. This is done primarily through a list of common file problems printers would encounter, and then Acrobat applies the logical fixes (often with several choices). For example, you can choose between details such as “convert color to Japan Color Coated 2001 (convert spot colors to CMYK)” and “convert color to Japan Color Coated 2001 (keep spot colors).”
Acrobat 9 takes preflight to a new level and provides a slew of pre-selected actions based on common prepress file problems. In most cases you can not only identify the problems, but also have Acrobat automatically fix them as they’re discovered. You can also select various elements and create new layers, which can then be modified individually.
You can also review any preflighting problems one-by-one and make appropriate fixes manually.” Source

Most prepress professionals who use Acrobat 9 know how vital preflighting is to ensure successful print quality control. Have Acrobat 9 and the Adobe Acrobat 9 pro upgrade? Remember to preflight Adobe Acrobat 9 with FlightCheck for thorough print quality assurance.

Acrobat 9 Preflight

Auto Preflight Options

Auto Preflight Options in FlightCheck

Watch here how to turn on Auto Preflight Detection within FlightCheck v7 Mac:

Auto Preflight

Alright. Today, we’re going to go over Auto Preflight Detection in FlightCheck 7. How to automatically switch preflight profiles, or Ground Control sets, and preflight paines, based on file type. Now, everyone should, hopefully, know what Ground Controls  are. If not, we have a great series of videos on how to set up your Ground Controls.

Markzware FlightCheck Auto Preflight Options

You go in here and click on or off all the settings. One small dot is a warning. A full dot or square is an error. And you can change these and you can make different sets of Ground Controls. And some can be based on PDF, and some can be based on Open files. And this, the default, I always have based for InDesign files. And there, you can adjust things to how you like. Right? You can export and share these, etc.

Under File, the Preflight Mode, you can change languages there, as well. German, Dutch, French, but you can also, Spanish. You can also go under English, US English, and change to the PDF interface. It even warns you Auto Preflight is there, and you see the Ground Controls change. Now, these are all PDF-based set of checks, and we get a different interface up top. There’s no package or collect job, which is more important in a, for a Quark or InDesign or Illustrator file.

Auto preflight detection under FlightCheck Preferences, just says click here in the flight strip Preferences. And under Advanced, you can then choose the Auto Preflight Detection and click on Customize. From there, you can see we have some object classes and Preflight Mode set up. And if you hit Expert Mode, you get even more information. We’re going to have Minimum and Maximum Doc Versions, Application Types, Creator Type, Extension Type, etc. Turn that off for now. Or you can add a new class, a new type of file type just by here and you can say, “Okay, well, I want Photoshop native files to have… and you must go into your Applications > FlightCheck 7 Mac >  Data > and the language you’re choosing, you’re using.

And then you can choose non-PDF interface, or Preflight Mode, as we call it. And then, you can also define a set of Ground Controls. So, we’ll say Default. And you’ll see it here. And you’ll see you have for Illustrator, a set of checks [to preflight and package Illustrator]. And also, set at Default, and lots of others. Okay? So, when we click OK, the Auto Preflight Detection should now work. Alright. What I’ll first do is take a PDF here and we’ll drop it on the FlightCheck flight strip. (FlightCheck eagle screeches.)

And you’ll see the Ground Controls are at PDF/x1-a, but, you see, this is not a perfect PDF/x1-a. So, right away, we know, and you see what the problems are. Right? Now, if I leave those Ground Controls open and note the interface. If I then take one of these Illustrator, native Illustrator, files and drop it on the flight strip… (FlightCheck eagle screeches.)

Look at that! We get a whole different interface. We get, automatically, it warns us of the problems. There’s a missing font I have. I did not convert fonts to outline. I have a missing font in there. Very handy to know. And we can see it and this is extremely useful, FlightCheck, for checking Illustrator and Photoshop files. What you see is the Ground Controls switched from those PDF/x1-a to PDF interface, right to the Default set of Ground Controls, which we just set up, up in the Preferences. So, very handy!

So, that’s FlightCheck, and how to set up in the File Preferences the, under Advanced, the Auto Preflight Detection, a very powerful way to automatically change your preflight checks, based on file type, and even versioning, and extension, and much more. So, it’s been, here, David Dilling, with this tip of the day, how to set up Auto Preflight Detection in Markzware’s FlightCheck 7 for InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, PDF, Photoshop, you name it. We’re going to help you preflight it, before you go to print, press, or even for online use.

Check us out today on and try the free demonstration version of FlightCheck for 30 days. Try it for yourself. It’s really amazing! A great tool to have in anybody’s toolbox. It goes much further than just InDesign, or any other preflight tool. It’s stand-alone, powerful, and it’ll help you in your workflow, to save time, money, and, more importantly, stop headaches. Take care.

Buy FlightCheck and get your Auto Preflight options in order today!

Free Markzware FlightCheck Demo

Request a free FlightCheck demo from Markzware:

To request a free Markzware FlightCheck demo, fill out and submit the short demo request form on the FlightCheck page. Award-winning preflight solution, FlightCheck, is essential pre press software for professionals in the digital print and publishing industries, including:

  • Print Shops
  • Creative Professionals
  • Prepress Departments
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Graphic Designers

Markzware FlightCheck helps users to check Adobe and other documents for print quality control. Preflight InDesign, Acrobat PDF, and a long list of DTP file types to ensure highest printing quality. Here is a video of a FlightCheck demo to preflight InDesign files:

How to Preflight InDesign with Your Free Markzware FlightCheck Demo
Get your free FlightCheck demo today, so you can preflight InDesign and other files for print quality control

Try the 30-day, free FlightCheck demo! (System requirements for your FlightCheck demo are listed on the FlightCheck page.

  1. Click the Demo tab, fill out the  Demo Request Form and click Submit. You should then see a message to confirm your submission.
    Markzware FlightCheck Demo Download Link Email
  2. Within minutes, an e-mail with the downlink link for your free FlightCheck demo will be sent to you. Simply click on the link and your download will begin.

Your demo will expire in 30 days. If you have any questions about your FlightCheck demo, please contact Markzware Technical Support.

This preflight solution is available via the FlightCheck page. See more desktop publishing software and printing solutions for DTP on the Markzware Products page.

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Free Markzware FlightCheck Demo!

Preflight InDesign CC and Collect Files to Package InDesign

How to preflight InDesign CC and collect files to package InDesign, using patented pre press software:

Know any prepress or creative professionals who use InDesign CC or other layout applications? Preflighting is important for these team members to ensure printing quality before press time. Markzware offers pre press software that could save them a lot of money on materials and press runs.

FlightCheck 7 Mac is the thorough preflight solution to check DTP file types, on the Macintosh platform, for print quality control. If you know someone who works in the printing or publishing industry, this pre press software from Markzware could be a big help. FlightCheck is the patented preflight solution that can:

  • Preflight InDesign CC, InDesign CS, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, QuarkXPress,
    and more DTP file types
  • Check both Adobe PDF and non-PDF files
  • Scan files with or without the native applications loaded
  • Provide a preflight report for certification
  • Collect to package InDesign, package Illustrator, package fonts, etc., to
    collect the entire job into one folder for the next team member in the workflow

Watch this video demonstration on how to preflight InDesign CC or InDesign CS and much more:

How to Preflight InDesign CC and Collect Files to Package InDesign

FlightCheck can check Adobe files and collect fonts and other file elements for easy sharing.

Get accurate preflight reports on InDesign files with multiple layouts, missing images, file types, low image resolution, and a list of other printing considerations.

No need to wait for shipping! You will receive your download link and product code for FlightCheck by email. You can activate this product on Apple Mac Intel OS X 10.6.8 or higher with an Internet connection. If you have a proxy or secure web environment, email Markzware Sales prior to purchase.

Preflight InDesign CC. Then, Collect Files to Package InDesign
Markzware FlightCheck 7 Mac Ground Control condition Detected and Ground ControlBe warned of printing problems, so you can fix them before the job goes to press.

Preflight InDesign CC and other file formats during prepress for print quality control, before you print. You can buy this preflight solution via the FlightCheck page. See more desktop publishing software and printing solutions for DTP at the Products page.

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Preflight InDesign CC and collect files to package InDesign!

InDesign CC Printing Quality: FlightCheck Preflight Solution

To ensure InDesign CC printing quality, use preflight solution, FlightCheck, before you print:

The graphic arts industry includes several businesses, from prepress to printing companies. A preflight solution can help graphic designers, printers, publishers, prepress, and creative professionals to achieve top printing quality for their printed pieces.

Markzware offers pre press software for preflighting to assist these businesses in their quest for print quality control, to improve production efficiency and cost savings. FlightCheck, Markzware’s patented, award-winning preflight solution, can thoroughly preflight InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, and Acrobat PDF, as well as several other native files.

This video demonstrates how FlightCheck can check InDesign and other Adobe documents, to ensure printing quality:

InDesign CC Printing Quality: FlightCheck Preflight Solution

Markzware FlightCheck can preflight InDesign CC and other Creative Cloud files for print quality control

Creative Cloud has users all over the world, and FlightCheck is able to preflight InDesign CC and many more desktop publishing (DTP) file formats, to ensure print quality control before you output. FlightCheck can extensively check InDesign for document elements, such as image resolution, missing fonts, and other potential printing problems. This pre press software also provides a preflight report to certify that preflighting was completed and gives results, so that corrections can be made before press time.

Addressing printing problems during prepress, rather than after, can save precious time. Quickly locate printing problems by preflighting. Markzware FlightCheck can check InDesign (INDD) documents for printing quality, saving materials and avoiding additional print runs. Users can even collect files to package InDesign, package Illustrator, package fonts, etc.!

Resolution Ground Control in FlightCheck Preflight Solution
Markzware FlightCheck 7 Mac Parts of Resolution Ground Control
Preflighting image resolution for InDesign CC printing quality

You can purchase this pre press software via the FlightCheck page. See more desktop publishing software and printing solutions for DTP on the Markzware Products page.

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Preflight solution for InDesign CC printing quality? FlightCheck!