Canva Create 2024 Event: Canva, Affinity, & Markzware to Democratize Content

Canva Create 2024 Event:
Canva, Affinity, & Markzware to
Democratize Content

Markzware was a proud guest at the Canva Create 2024: Work Redesigned event, in Los Angeles, California, where Canva+Affinity made collaboration history, together onstage for the first time. Canva acquired Affinity, marking a significant milestone in the design software industry. Like Markzware, the Canva+Affinity Team is enhancing capabilities of its platforms for a more integrated and versatile design experience, helping you to democratize your content:

Democratize Your Content

The ConvertMarkz integration with Canva’s popular online design platform streamlines document production. This helps creatives, marketing professionals, and graphic designers to democratize their content.

– Patrick Marchese, President/CEO, Markzware,

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Welcome To The Canva Apps Marketplace, ConvertMarkz!

Markzware was an attendee of our first Canva Extend developer’s conference in San Francisco, and we are delighted to welcome their ConvertMarkz app.

– Warren Chen, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships & Developer Success, Canva,

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Affinity 2.5 & IDMarkz for Democratizing Content

During the event, Ash Hewson unveiled Affinity 2.5, showcasing a plethora of new features and functions tailored for designers and layout artists. Affinity 2.5 introduces advanced vector tools, improved performance, new typography options, and enhanced collaboration features, making it a powerful update for creative professionals.

Our focus is particularly on Affinity Publisher. Through our IDMarkz product, we have facilitated thousands of customers and millions of conversions from Adobe InDesign to Affinity Publisher. IDMarkz is renowned for its ability to seamlessly convert InDesign files to Affinity Publisher, making the transition smooth and efficient for users. More info on IDMarkz and a demo download:

Video: Canva Affinity – Canva Create 2024 with Markzware

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(Click on the image above, to watch the video.)
At Canva Create 2024, Markzware was thrilled to demonstrate its new SaaS portal,
which supports Markzware’s Canva App, ConvertMarkz. This innovative tool allows for
conversions from Canva to InDesign. MarkzPortal also supports conversions of various
file types to Affinity, including direct conversions from Canva to Affinity, streamlining
workflows for designers. Sign-up for MarkzPortal for free at


Markzware: Good Morning! Okay. So, we just heard 70,000 …

Cliff Obrecht: Good Afternoon!

Ash Hewson: A warm welcome to Canva Create, all the way from Los Angeles, California. Everyone, now, needs to be a visual communicator.

Cliff Obrecht: And empower everyone across your entire team to work visually.

Cat van der Werff: We saved the best for last, of course. I’m Cat, Executive Creative Director, here, at Canva. So, distinctive visuals are the great differentiator for brands. We all know those bottlenecks in creative workflows caused by too many edit requests, feedback rounds, make the logo bigger, death by PDFs, … But what if creative teams spent less time on those small edits and more time on big, impactful projects? What if we actually had more time to be creative? All professional designers and creatives of all skill levels, with the tools they need to achieve their goals?

So, we went on a global search, to acquire the best company. We found a company that is loved by creators all over the world and just happens to share our purpose to democratize design, like the yin to our yang. We are very excited to introduce Affinity! [Applause][Music]

Song Lyrics: So good to see you! I think you’re going like it, here. A little bit different. [Applause]

Cat van der Werff: I’d love to welcome to the stage, Affinity CEO, Ash Hewson. [Applause] [Music]

Ash Hewson: Thanks, Cat. Well, first of all, I’ve just got to say how thrilled we are to now be part of the Canva family! Thanks, Team! For too long, professional design tools have been slow, over-complicated, and, of course, with a huge price barrier. And it’s always been our mission to change all of that.

Cat van der Werff: Yeah. Just like Canva.

Ash Hewson: Exactly. With Affinity, we’re building the fastest, smoothest, most power powerful suite of professional creative tools ever conceived. Take Affinity Photo, which can be used for anything, from basic retouching right up to complex compositions. It’s fully non-destructive. So, you can edit, mask, adjust, edit, again, all without permanently affecting the original image. And, as you work, you’ve got a lightning-fast, live preview, at all times.

Cat van der Werff: I cannot do that within my other portals.

Ash Hewson: No. You can also work on huge, complex documents, too, with no dropping performance. Like with Affinity Designer, our vector-editing and illustration program, you can create visuals, like this, which has over 600,000 layers. And you can zoom in, without any loss of fidelity. So, here, we’re now currently 50 million percent zoomed in.

Cat van der Werff: That’s amazing! So, as you can see, with Affinity, creatives can continue to craft amazing professional assets, wherever they feel most comfortable, and then import them and scale them, in Canva.

Ash Hewson: And we’re constantly innovating and iterating, too, to give our 3 million community members their most requested features. Like today, with the release of Affinity 2.5.

Cat van der Werff: Can’t wait to try it out!

Ash Hewson: So many big plans to make Affinity and Canva work more seamlessly together.

Cat van der Werff: Together, we are redesigning work for creative teams. We can’t wait to see what all of you create with all of this, designed to help you craft, manage, and scale your world-class brands.

Ash Hewson: Can you hear that?

Cat van der Werff: Yeah. Sounds like it’s coming from the rooftop. I reckon that’s Roger Coles. I saw him out back. [Music] [Applause]

Ash Hewson: Let’s take the stairs.

[Applause. Dancers Dance Onstage. Applause. Camera Pans Canva Create 2024 Event.]

Ash Hewson: And because of that bottleneck, we often get really precious about the work that we hand over.

Markzware: It was absolutely fabulous to be at Canva Create 2024 with the Markzware Team. We finally got to meet Ash, face to face. Here, you see Patrick and Ash, together. It was a great day!

We’ve been with Affinity, since it was back in beta. With IDMarkz, you can convert your InDesign or QuarkXPress files and other formats, right into Affinity Publisher, with a click!

We, now, have also the new MarkzPortal, which helps you to convert and democratize your creative design documents. That’s long been Markzware‘s vision and slogan, to “Democratize Your Content!” It’s your content. You should have the right to use it. where you like.

So, you can drop your InDesign file on MarkzPortal and get conversion options to various other things, such as Affinity Publisher. So, check out MarkzPortal, today, over on It’s totally free to sign up and to get a preview of your DTP files. So, we are very happy to be invited to Canva Create! It was a fabulous event!

We’re going to have more content coming online, soon, and hope you enjoy this video. If you did, if you made it this far, please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe. Alright, everybody, David, on behalf of the Markzware Team, wishing you a fantastic, creative day! Wow!

[End of Transcript]

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Canva Create 2024 Event: Canva, Affinity, & Markzware to Democratize Content

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