File Conversion & Preflight Apps: Markzware PDFMarkz, FlightCheck, & OmniMarkz Testimonials

File Conversion & Preflight Apps:
Markzware PDFMarkz, FlightCheck, &
OmniMarkz Testimonials

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It’s gratifying to know what people say about Markzware applications for file conversion and preflighting for output quality assurance! Some happy Markzware customers provide testimonials about DTP file converters, PDFMarkz and OmniMarkz, and about preflight application, FlightCheck.

Some awesome quotes are given in Markzware products testimonials by experts in customer engagement, technology training, graphic communication, creative direction, graphic design, graphic arts, book publishing, product marketing, Adobe application instruction, writing, podcasting, graphics training, and public speaking. Check out the following article and video, to learn what these clients have to say:

Video: Markzware Product Customer Testimonials –
PDFMarkz, OmniMarkz and FlightCheck

File Conversion & Preflight Apps: Markzware PDFMarkz, FlightCheck, & OmniMarkz Testimonials. Image: "Markzware Customer Testimonials. User Reviews!" in White Text on Black. Markzware product logos. "Markzware. Get Approved. Get Content. Be Creative" in Black Text on White.

In this video, six creative, print, publishing, and marketing experts (Ian Sayers, Harvey Levenson,
Scott Citron, Pamela Sackett, Christine Campbell, and Dave Clayton) share their experience of
Markzware’s DTP file conversion and preflight applications. Watch and hear (or read) what they
say about PDFMarkz, FlightCheck, and OmniMarkz!

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PDFMarkz Testimonial Quotes (Reviews of Application to
Convert PDF to InDesign, Affinity Publisher, QuarkXPress & More)

PDFMarkz is superb at just rebuilding a file from a PDF back out into a native file format, such as Adobe InDesign,” says Ian Sayers, Customer Engagement and Training Director at Xencelabs.

“There’s gotta be a way to get this Canva PDF file translated into an InDesign design file. … found PDFMarkz from Markzware, … ‘Oh, my God. This is a miracle!’” says Pamela Sackett, Principal Artist / Founder & book publisher at Emotion Literacy Advocates. Would she recommend PDFMarkz? Pamela says “Absolutely. 1000%!”

“This process was taking more than eight hours per packet and, now, it was down to seconds, with the use of PDFMarkz. It was a tool that was essential for us,” says Christine Campbell, Product Marketing Manager at HappyNeuron Pro.

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FlightCheck Testimonial Quotes (Reviews of Application to
Preview, Preflight, Report, & Package PDF & DTP Files)

“… FlightCheck is a quality control department,” says Harvey Levenson, Professor Emeritus Graphic Communication at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo & Expert Witness at HR Levenson.

“… if I need a really robust preflight, I usually tend to rely on FlightCheck. The user interface is much improved,” says Scott Citron, Creative Director / Owner / Graphic Designer at Scott Citron Design & Consultant for Adobe Systems at Adobe PowerHour.

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OmniMarkz Testimonial Quote (Review of Application to
Convert PDF, InDesign, & QuarkXPress to Other DTP Formats)

OmniMarkz, desktop publishing file converter is a “Swiss army knife,” says Dave Clayton, Graphic Designer at ProCook; Graphic Designer / Instructor / Author at Dave Clayton; Instructor at KelbyOne; Host at the He Shoots, He Draws Podcast; Training Manager at Astute Graphics; & Speaker at Adobe MAX, PhotoshopWorld, Creative South, CreativePro Week, Print Design Summit, & more.

Note: OmniMarkz is a combination of three DTP file conversion applications (QXPMarkz, IDMarkz, and PDFMarkz) in one. So, it will convert InDesign, PDF, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher & more desktop publishing files, plus display advanced File Info.

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File Conversion & Preflight Apps

Check out Markzware products to preview, preflight, export, and convert PDF and desktop publishing documents for print, publishing, and graphic arts. You can also go straight to the Markzware Store, to order now.

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Markzware: Hi, everybody! David Dilling for Markzware, here. We’re just going to highlight some of the most recent comments from our testimonial videos on many of our products. See the playlist below. Amazing what people have to say about the Markzware DTP file conversion, file recovery, and quality assurance pre-flighting tools that we offer. 

Ian Sayers: My business partner would come to me and say, “Hey, I’ve got this PDF file and I need to basically take it … ” Someone has sent it to him. One of his design clients has sent it to him, and he needs to take it apart. And your PDFMarkz is superb at just rebuilding a file from a PDF, converting it into a native file format, such as InDesign.

Harvey Levenson: Now, to make a very long story short on preflighting, I can actually say FlightCheck is like a quality control department. It is a Quality Control Department. I still use it. I still use it, in concert with the built-in preflight that’s in InDesign. They both have their pluses and minuses, sure, but, if I need a really robust preflight, I usually tend to go to FlightCheck and use that. And the interface is much improved. (FlightCheck eagle screeches)

Markzware: Communication is key. 

Pamela Sackett: And they wouldn’t have been able to even see the book, yet, probably. It probably still wouldn’t have been out, if it weren’t for Markzware.

Markzware: Wow! So, you would recommend PDFMarkz?

Pamela Sackett: Absolutely! 1000%! We would have to, basically, lose all those hours I spent, designing every page meticulously, the format, how it sat, where it sat on the page, how it sat on the page, what the font was, the graphics for the questions, all these things. And I couldn’t accept that. And I said to Daniel, “There’s got to be a way. There’s got to be a way to get this file translated into an InDesign file.” And when Daniel found that, I thought, “Oh, my God! This (PDFMarkz) is a miracle.”

Markzware: What was the quote, here? “This process was taking more than eight hours per packet and, now, it was down to seconds, with the use of our product.” So, would you recommend PDFMarkz to other people? 

Christine Campbell: Yeah. It (PDFMarkz) was a tool that was essential for us. I think if we didn’t have it, we would still be doing packets.

Markzware: Wow!

Dave Clayton: You’re able to go in and find all these documents, bring them into InDesign, set Styles, and then you can change the style, and you can change the type in the whole document. Then, you can re-export it back to a RIP PDF for print, and keep a copy. It’s (OmniMarkz is) a Swiss army knife.

Markzware: That’s a good one, Dave! That’s what we used to say. It’s a Swiss army knife, with all the different conversion options, preview options, and file information that you get. So, well said!

File Conversion & Preflight Apps: Markzware PDFMarkz, FlightCheck, & OmniMarkz Testimonials

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