Canva/Affinity Creativity & Productivity with ConvertMarkz: Markzware Newsletter April 2024

Canva/Affinity Creativity & Productivity
with ConvertMarkz

In this month’s newsletter, Markzware invites Graphic Designers, Graphic Artists, Creative Professionals, and all designers to join Markzware and Canva/Affinity at the Canva Create event!

Thursday, May 23, 2024.

Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, California (or attend the Free Virtual Event)

• Discover the latest Canva launches at Canva’s biggest event to date!
• Find out more about Markzware’s Canva App, ConvertMarkz, to convert Canva designs to Affinity Publisher, Adobe InDesign, and QuarkXPress.
• Learn creativity and productivity tips from 50+ top design industry speakers at more than 15 sessions and workshops.

Markzware Newsletter April 2024


With ConvertMarkz, You Can Use Your
Canva Designs to Open New Revenue Streams

Markzware: Document Dynamo

Alongside Canva’s creative powers is Markzware, a trusted name in the industry that offers helpful solutions for graphic arts professionals. Markzware’s suite of preview, preflight, and file conversion applications also supports PDF and DTP documents.

Whether you’re rocking Affinity Publisher, InDesign, QuarkXPress, or any other design software, Markzware’s got your back. Their flagship product, FlightCheck, is a total document superhero. It scans your files for potential issues, so you can catch and fix problems, before they become costly nightmares. ConvertMarkz is Markzware’s Canva App to preview and convert Canva design files to Affinity Publisher, Adobe InDesign, & QuarkXPress layout application files for desktop publishing.

For Affinity Users Who Love Canva. Markzware ConvertMarkz. Experience Now. (purple, 738x720): Markzware Logo in Black. "For Affinity Users Who Love Canva" in Black Text in White Rectangle with Purple Frame. Man Viewing Canva Web Page on Computer Screen. "Experience Now" in Purple Text on White Button with Purple Border.

Canva: Your Creative Design Platform

Canva, the design darling, has been a total game-changer. With its user-friendly vibe and endless template options, anyone can create stunning visuals, from social media posts to killer presentations.

Let’s Meet Up at Canva Create

Going to the event? Email us at, so we can set up a time to network and chat about new industry developments that may make all the difference in your content production workflow. We’re looking forward to an engaging conversation over a nice cup of coffee with you.

As the design and document world keeps evolving, Canva and Markzware are the dynamic duo you need in your corner. Harness their power, and you’ll unlock new levels of creativity, efficiency, and productivity, taking your work to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to have some serious fun! Dive into ConvertMarkz on Canva, and let your ideas soar to new heights of excellence.

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Canva/Affinity Creativity & Productivity with ConvertMarkz: Markzware Newsletter April 2024

Title: Canva/Affinity Creativity & Productivity with ConvertMarkz: Markzware Newsletter April 2024
Published on: April 29, 2024
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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