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QuarkXPress to InDesign

Q2ID is an affordable InDesign plugin which allows you to convert and open your QuarkXPress documents in Adobe InDesign. No more re-creating documents from scratch. The Q2ID InDesign plugin gives you a big head-start on QuarkXPress to InDesign file conversion.

For macOS

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PDF to InDesign

PDF2DTP (PDF to Desktop Publishing) helps users to convert PDF files to Adobe InDesign. PDF2DTP is an affordable InDesign plugin to move PDF content to an editable format within Adobe InDesign. Once in InDesign, users can edit within a flexible and familiar environment.

For macOS

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ID Util

The Ultimate InDesign Utility

ID Util is a FREE standalone macOS application that allows you to view InDesign previews, styled story content, linked images, and used fonts. You can also export the previews and styled stories to standard formats.

For macOS

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InDesign to Quark

ID2Q provides a quick, easy and affordable method for you to convert your files from Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress. Once in QuarkXPress, users are then in a flexible and familiar environment, allowing for document editing.

For macOS

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InDesign to IDML

A stand-alone macOS file conversion application, that can convert a newer version InDesign document to an IDML file that is readable by InDesign CS4 and newer.

For macOS

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MarkzTools (InDesign CC to CS6)

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MarkzTools allows users of InDesign CS5, CS5.5 or CS6 to access and edit newer InDesign version documents, including CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015, CC 2014, and CC. This InDesign plugin is an affordable method for you to work with Creative Cloud documents, without the need for a Creative Cloud Subscription.

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