Fonts Ground Controls - FlightCheck® User Guide - 2023

Status Ground Controls

Used AND Embedded

Flag Fonts that are Used and Embedded. Used and Embedded fonts typically occur in PDFs where fonts are subset and embedded into the PDF so the PDF can display properly on systems where the fonts it uses are not present.

Used AND NOT Embedded

Flag Fonts that are NOT Embedded. If a font is not embedded, that means it is linked. This is the normal state for InDesign and QuarkXPress documents. This is typically a bad thing for a PDF.

Used AND Missing

Flag Font if Font File is missing – This is the dreaded missing font that has plagued the printing industry for decades. This situation arises when the person who created the document uses fonts that the person or party that is outputting the document does not have access too. This results in the missing fonts getting swapped out with some default font and this leads to type overflows, underflows and all kinds of issues.

Not Used AND Missing

Flag Fonts that are NOT Used in the document but are flagged as missing.

Font Type Ground Controls

Used AND Is NOT OpenType AND NOT TrueType

Flag Fonts that are not OpenType or TrueType. There are many kinds of fonts. The more modern fonts are now OpenType fonts. TrueType fonts are also popular, however OpenType fonts add a lot of extra features as well as they can contain up to 65,000 glyphs per font. This Ground Control allows you to flag a warning or an error if any fonts used in the document ARE NOT OpenType or TrueType fonts.

Used AND Is Type 1

Flag Fonts that are Type 1- Adobe is discontinuing support for Type 1 Fonts (also known as PostScript Type 1 fonts) in January 2023. Many people over the years have invested a lot of money into Type 1 fonts. Many type foundries have updated their Type 1 fonts and replaced them with OpenType fonts. OpenType and TrueType fonts are contained in a single file, Type 1 fonts consist of two separate parts, a Screen Font (or bitmap font) and a PostScript portion. In order for a Type 1 font to print or display correctly, both of these parts need to be present and match up. Thus, while Type 1 fonts launched the Desktop Design revolution, they have now been improved upon and replaced by newer technologies, mainly OpenType fonts.

Text Usage Ground Controls

Used AND Point Size <

Flag fonts that are Used in the document if their Point size is less than the specified value. This Ground Control can be useful to find fonts that are set using too small of a point size and thus may be illegible upon output.

Used and Point Size >

Flag fonts that are Used in the document if their Point size is greater than the specified value


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