Overview of Preflight Mode View - FlightCheck® User Guide - 2023

Used Ground Control Set (GC Set)

At the upper right the name of the Ground Control Set used to check the document is displayed. FlightCheck automatically detects the document type and selects an appropriate set. In this example an InDesign file has been preflighted and FlightCheck automatically selected the PageLayout Default set.
Active Ground Control Set

Ground Control Box

The Ground Controls box shows a count of how many Ground Controls triggered as Errors and how many triggered as Warnings. Ground Controls set to Ignore are not included in the count.
Count of Triggered Ground Controls

Triggered Objects Box

Triggered Objects box shows an overview count of how many Font, Image, Color and Other Objects triggered Ground Controls. To see a breakdown of what is under the Other count, hover your mouse over the number of Other Objects detected and a Tool Tip window will pop up showing a breakdown of which category of Ground Controls triggered. These Categories are based on the Categories found in the Ground Control Screen (where you are able to adjust the state of the Ground Controls. ). The Ground Control window can be invoked by doing Command-G.
Count of Triggered Objects

FlightCheck Approval (FlightCheck Score)

This score is an indicator of how ready your document is for its intended use based on the number of triggered object errors and warnings. Please keep in mind this is a rough indicator. The score can be adjusted by enabling or disabling Ground Controls. Higher scores indicate less issues were detected in the file based on the Ground Controls that have been set. Lower scores indicate you my need to make some corrections to the document to get it better prepared for your intended use.
Underneath the color code bar is a ratio. This ratio is used to calculate the FlightCheck Approval Score. The ratio takes into account the number of Ground Controls set, the number of actual items that triggered Ground Controls and whether the state of the Ground Controls was set to an Error or a Warning.
FlightCheck Score

Preflight Results Area

The Preflight View portion of the page does not have a fixed format. Items displayed on the page show triggered Ground Controls.
Each Section that is visible shows information regarding a specific Ground Control that triggered along with a score for that Category.

Here’s an example of an InDesign document preflighted using the Default PageLayout Ground Control Set
Sample with Default PageLayout Ground Control Set

Here’s an example of the same InDesign document, except this time all of the Ground Controls have been set to Ignore.
Sample with all Ground Controls set to Ignore


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