FlightCheck Report Preferences - FlightCheck® User Guide - 2023

The Report Preferences allow you to customize the reports generated by FlightCheck to help brand yourself or your company.
HTML reports generated out of FlightCheck can also contain a thumbnail of the document’s first page in the HTML report. This can provide a handy visual cue for the file the report is associated with. For this thumbnail to appear, you must select PNG, JPEG, or GIF page previews. This setting can be found under the Packages Preference Tab. Setting the Document Preview under the Package Preferences Tab makes your life easier as you do not need to manually select this every time you Package a job.

FlightCheck Report Preferences

Following is a description of each of the fields you can customize in the Report Preferences window

Contact Information

Name – Fill in the name of the person you would like people to contact regarding the Report generated by FlightCheck. This may be you or perhaps your Prepress Technician

Organization (Company Name) – Fill in your company’s name. This is one way you can help get your brand more recognition.
Email – Fill in the email address of the person people should contact regarding the Report.

Title (Title of the person creating the report) -Fill in the Title of the person, I.e., Prepress Tech, Customer Service Agent, or CSA

Phone – Fill in a phone number where people can contact you regarding the Report

Website (Your business website) – Fill in your website URL. This is great free advertising for your company and brand.

Logo URL – the location of your company logo – You can work with your web designer to see if you have a permanent URL for your logo. A fairly easy way to fill in this field is to navigate to your website, find an image of your company logo on the website, right-click on the image, and “copy image address.” This will give you a link to your logo. Then paste that link into this field

Advanced Options

Font Scaling – This instructs your web browser to use scaling for the font size. Your web browser must support this feature in order for it to work.

Custom Web Font

Web font Link – You can use your link here if you have access to your own custom web fonts. If not, one method to select a custom font for the HTML reports generated out of FlightCheck is to search for Google fonts. Select the font you want to use and then copy and paste the link to the font in this area

CSS-font-family rule – On the same google fonts page where you found the link to the font, there will also be a section for the CSS font-family rule. Copy and paste that CSS rule into this area

Markzware Affiliate ID – If you already are a Markzware affiliate, enter your Affiliate ID here. If someone buys a Markzware product by clicking on this link in the report, you will be credited a commission on that sale.
If you are interested in selling Markzware products as an affiliate and are not yet an Affiliate, clicking on the “Get one…” button will take you to a page where you can sign up as a Markzware Affiliate.


Clicking the “Customize” button will generate the HTML template files and open a Finder window at the location of the templates (/Users/USERNAME/Markzware/FlightCheck/Reports/). These template files will be used to generate the HTML reports in the future.

You can modify the CSS used for styling and layout of the HTML reports. With CSS, you can control the color, font, size, spacing, and other design elements of the reports, making it easy to create visually appealing reports that match your business’ styling.

JavaScript can modify the content of HTML elements. It can be used to change text, attributes, styles, and even add or remove elements. This is often achieved by accessing the elements using their id or class attributes and then using JavaScript to manipulate the elements’ properties. For example:
document.getElementById("myHeading").innerHTML = "Hello World!";
In this example, JavaScript is used to change the text of an HTML element with the id “myHeading” to “Hello World!”.


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