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{ProductName} Preferences General

Show Welcome Window on Launch

When enabled the Welcome Window shows whenever you restart. If Disabled, no window will appear when you startup IDMarkz, so Drag-and-Drop is not immediately available, BUT, you can simply do a Command-O to select a file.

Enable Finder Thumbnail Previews

When this is Enabled, a QuickLook Plug-in for the macOS is enabled This will change the small icon preview in the Finder for all InDesign files to a mini bitmap preview of the InDesign document. Many people do not like this as they cannot tell a file is an InDesign file with a quick glance and thus the Preference is Disabled by default. Using this Preference requires a restart of your computer to clear out the Finder’s cache files.

Prefer Tabs when opening documents

Selecting this will open all documents in a single tabbed window. This may be helpful in keeping your screen organized if you open several documents at one time. You can always remove a document from the tabbed window by either dragging its tab outside the tabbed window or using the “move tab to new Window” Menu item under the Window menu.

Show Inspector Panel

If this Preference is enabled, whenever you open a file in IDMarkz, the Inspector Panel will automatically open along with the file. If you open several files at one time and do not have the “Prefer tabs when opening documents” Preference enabled, this could get a bit messy on screen. Once the file is open you can always tap Command-I to toggle the Inspector Panel on or off for that file.

Display Units

You can select a specific unit, or if you select “Document Settings”, IDMarkz will display the page size using the units the file was created with. By default this is set to “Document Settings”.

Animation Speed

Adjusts the time it takes to stabilize the display of a page when moving between pages of a multipage document while Previewing a document. Some people prefer instantaneous previews when switching between pages, some may prefer a slower transition similar to how pages on a smartphone may display.

Default Save/Open Path

  • Previously Used – This setting affects both the Open and Export operations. Selecting this sets All Open and Export dialogs to use the last path used for both the Open and Export features.
  • Document PathThis setting affects only the Export operations. Selecting this during Export will default to the same directory that contains the currently displayed document. Open Dialogs are not affected by this setting and default to the Previously Used Path.
  • Absolute Path – This setting affects both the Open and Export operations. Selecting this allows you to specify a fixed path that will be used every time until you change this setting.

Reset Preferences (button)

Resets the IDMarkz Preferences back to the factory default settings.


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