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IDMarkz Open In Preferences

These Preferences are targeted for handling InDesign files.

Open In InDesign

Attempt to use document version – If this radio button is selected, IDMarkz will attempt to open the version of InDesign (if loaded on your system) that matches the version the file was Created with. There are a few cases here -

  1. Your InDesign file was created with a newer version of InDesign than you have installed on your system. In this case IDMarkz will attempt to create an IDML file and open it in your “older” version of InDesign.
  2. Your InDesign file was created using an older version of InDesign, but you no longer have that version of InDesign loaded on your system, you just have the latest or a newer version of InDesign. In this case IDMarkz will simply open your older InDesign file in your newer version of InDesign and it will warn you that you will lose backward compatibility.
  3. Your InDesign file matches the version of InDesign you have installed on your system. In this case, IDMarkz will simply open your InDesign file in the version of InDesign you have loaded on your system.

Always use system default

By default the macOS always uses the latest install of InDesign as its Default Version of InDesign. Thus if you have InDesign CC 2019 and CC 2020 both loaded on your computer, the macOS system default will be InDesign CC 2020. Selecting this Pref is like double-clicking the INDD file in the Finder. This will cause IDMarkz to attempt no IDML conversion, you may instead get an error message from InDesign stating your file cannot be opened depending on what version of InDesign the file was created in and what version of InDesign you have as your Default version on your computer.

Always use a specific install

Selecting this radio button allows you to FORCE a specific version of InDesign to always be used to open files. You must have this version of InDesign licensed and installed on your computer in order for this to work. This is like Right-Clicking on your InDesign file in the Finder and selecting an application to open it. Selecting this Preference causes no IDML conversion to be attempted, instead, if this fails, you will receive an error message from the application you selected to open the InDesign file.

Suppress dialogs when possible

When this box is selected warning and error dialogs in applications the InDesign or IDML are sent too are suppressed if possible. These dialogs would typically be things like missing fonts and missing images.
When opening files in other applications, many times they pop up alert dialogs that require you to click on something to continue. This can cause unwanted interference or halt in a workflow. The downside of suppressing these dialogs is you do not know if fonts or images may be missing.


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