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OmniMarkz SE Conversion Notes & Limitations - OmniMarkz User Guide - se

Known Conversion Limitations

Incorrect Page Size when opened in Affinity Publisher

Certain files, when converted to Affinity Publisher, come out with page sizes that are very small. This bug in Affinity Publisher occurs when the InDesign document has Measurements set to Pixels. This causes object sizes to have their DPI set to either 300 or 600 pixels per inch instead of 72.

To address this issue, do the following with your file open in Affinity Publisher:

1 – Manually change the document setup in Affinity Publisher to 72 DPI

2 – Next set the the Unit to Points

3 – Finally, set the DPI you want to use (as an example, set DPI to 300)

Batch Processing

You can batch process InDesign jobs and have them open in InDesign, only if none have missing fonts or images. Otherwise, only the first job in the batch will open in InDesign.

if you enable the Open In settings in IDMarkz SE (for example, you select Open in and then System Default), only the first InDesign file will open in InDesign if any of the files in the batch have missing fonts or images.

If none of the jobs in the batch have missing fonts or images, then all files in the batch should open in InDesign. Thus, the issue is how InDesign handles popup dialogs during batch conversion. FYI – you will run into this issue if you batch-open InDesign files within InDesign itself.

If you Disable the Open In setting in IDMarkz SE, all files, regardless of whether they have missing fonts or images, will convert to IDML. Please be aware that if any jobs have missing images and you have not set IDMarkz SE to create previews for either All or Missing images, the IDML job created will have missing images as no lo-res previews would be generated.

Open IDML in QuarkXPress causes Quark to open in Demo Mode

If you set OmniMarkz SE to automatically open IDML files in QuarkXPress, this may bring Quark up in Trail mode. To address this issue, please start QuarkXPress first, then start up OmniMarkz SE and convert your InDesign files. The IDML file sent to QuarkXPress while it is open will not cause Quark to go into trial/demo mode.

Open in Quark produces no links to images

When OmniMarkz SE sends an IDML to Quark that contains images, in many cases, Quark does not display the image under the Usage area, but the image container is present. InDesign and Affinity Publisher will find the image name but will show a missing image icon in the document. This issue occurs when the InDesign file has missing images. If the images for your InDesign file are linked and found in the native InDesign file and not missing, then to address this issue, select None under Create Lo-Res Images Previews in OmniMarkz SE.

Radial Blends in InDesign Files

Radial Blends used in Tables in InDesign files convert to Linear Blends when you open the InDesign file in Affinity Publisher and inspect the Table.

Numbered Lists

When converted to Affinity Publisher, numbered lists in InDesign files look like the original list but do not behave like a list. They will not increase the number automatically.


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