3. PDF2DTP Activation Status - PDF2DTP User Guide - 1

  1. PDF2DTP – Successful Activation
  2. PDF2DTP Failed Activation – Unable to Activate
  3. PDF2DTP – Non-Activated or Expired Product

1. PDF2DTP – Successful Activation

If PDF2DTP can successfully activate, you will see the Activation complete screen. Click the Close button to dismiss this screen and start using PDF2DTP. At this time you should also have the PDF2DTP for InDesign Registration Screen visible. Please fill out the Registration form before starting to use PDF2DTP for InDesign.

Should you have any issues we have provided links on the Activation Complete screen to contact Tech Support MWTS.

PDF2DTP Successful ActivationPDF2DTP Successful Activation

2. PDF2DTP – Failed Activation – Unable to Activate

The very first time you start up InDesign after installing PDF2DTP, the Plug-In will attempt to contact Markzware’s License Server and activate your product. This should be a fairly transparent process, but may take a few minutes. If the Plug-In is able to contact the License Server, you will be activated. First you will see an Attempting to activate screen. This screen can be present for up to several minutes, so please be patient. You can click the Close button to dismiss the screen and if the PDF2DTP Plug-In is able to successfully activate you will see the screen shown in the next step once activation has completed.

If this screen does not change to the Activation Complete screen, PDF2DTP was not able to activate. This could be due to several things including -

  • You are running anti-virus or system maintenance software that quarantined PDF2DTP. You can try the install again after temporarily disabling the software during the PDF2DTP installation process.
  • You are running a Proxy server that is blocking PDF2DTP from activating. Please check with your IT Group and see if they can add our license server to your proxy whitelist.

If none of the above suggestions allow you to activate, please contact Markzware Tech Support MWTS

PDF2DTP Attempting To ActivatePDF2DTP Attempting To Activate

3. PDF2DTP – Non-Activated or Expired Product

Pictured below is a reminder screen to Activate your product. If for any reason PDF2DTP was unable to reach our License Server, usually you can still run the product for a limited time, but every time you start up InDesign you will be presented with a screen reminding you to take action by a specified date. The below screen is many times the result of PDF2DTP being blocked by a Proxy Server.

VERY IMPORTANT!!!*—- If you do not Activate PDF2DTP by the date listed on your screen, *YOU MAY LOSE YOUR LICENSE AND NEED TO REPURCHASE A LICENSE FOR PDF2DTP.

If you continuously see this window, you need to contact MWTS or Sales and get this issue resolved. The grace period for running PDF2DTP in a non-activated state should be long enough to resolve this issue.

PDF2DTP Expirred License Or Failed ActivationPDF2DTP Expirred License Or Failed Activation


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