PDF2DTP Characters Editor – Tutorial - PDF2DTP User Guide - 1

Here is a step-by-step example of how to use the Characters Editor:

Here’s a link to the sample file so you can following along with the tutorial.

1. First, bring up the PDF2DTP Preferences and turn off the “Edit Unknown Characters” checkbox:

PDF2DTP Characters Editor - Disable Edit UnknownPDF2DTP Characters Editor - Disable Edit Unknown

2. Convert the “CHARACTERS EDITOR TEST.pdf”. You will receive a warning that there were unknown characters replaced with a tilde (which you can see in the text box):

PDF2DTP Characters Editor - Bad ConversionPDF2DTP Characters Editor - Bad Conversion

3. Bring up the PDF2DTP Preferences again and turn on the “Edit Unknown Characters” checkbox:

PDF2DTP Characters Editor - Enable Edit UnknownPDF2DTP Characters Editor - Enable Edit Unknown

4. Convert the “CHARACTERS EDITOR TEST.pdf” again and the Characters Editor window will appear:

PDF2DTP Characters Editor - Inintial Edit UnknownPDF2DTP Characters Editor - Inintial Edit Unknown

5. At the top-left you will notice there is a red “X” next to the font name. This indicates there are unknown characters for at least one of the fonts on the menu that need to be edited.

6. Notice the first Character Cell at the left is already framed in green. This indicates an “Edited” status because the character is actually a space and is therefore OK.

7. Notice the second Character Cell is framed in red indicating the unicode is unknown. Click on the cell or press the Return key to select it and it will turn gray:

PDF2DTP Characters Editor - Selected CellPDF2DTP Characters Editor - Selected Cell

8. With the Character Cell selected, type a left parenthesis character in the Char field and press the Return key. The cell will become framed in green indicated it has been “Edited” and then the next cell on the right will become conveniently selected.

PDF2DTP Characters Editor - Start Editing UnknownPDF2DTP Characters Editor - Start Editing Unknown

9. Continue in this manner of entering the correct replacement character and pressing Return and editing each cell until all of the Character Cells have been edited, that is all cells have green frames.

PDF2DTP Characters Editor - Editing CompletePDF2DTP Characters Editor - Editing Complete

10. Once all the cells have been edited, click the “Finished” button to continue the PDF conversion process and you will see the text in the document will use the replacement characters that you had entered:

PDF2DTP Characters Editor - Completed FilePDF2DTP Characters Editor - Completed File

11. The edited unicodes information will be saved to disk so that subsequent conversions for PDFs that use the same font will use the edited characters. To test this, try converting the test PDF again. The Characters Editor will appear and show all Character Cells framed in green. Click “Finished” to continue and you will see the text stories are correctly converted. Then, as a final test, go to the PDF2DTP Preferences and uncheck “Always Show the Characters Editor” and convert the test PDF again. The document will again appear with the correct text, but this time without the Characters Editor ever coming up.


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