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PDFMarkz Preferences

PDFMarkz Preferences

PDFMarkz General Preferences PDFMarkz Automation Preferences PDFMarkz IDML Preferences PDFMarkz Open In Preferences PDFMarkz Privacy

PDFMarkz Automation Preferences

PDFMarkz Preferences » PDFMarkz Automation Preferences

The automation section lets you set up certain actions to be performed whenever you open a file in PDFMarkz. !A word of caution here – These preferences are manually set up and if you for instance set up PDFMarkz to always open InDesign whenever you open a…

PDFMarkz General Preferences

PDFMarkz Preferences » PDFMarkz General Preferences

Show Welcome Window on Launch When enabled the Welcome Window shows whenever you restart. If Disabled, no window will appear when you startup PDFMarkz, so Drag-and-Drop is not immediately available, BUT, you can simply do a Command-O to select a file. Prefer…

PDFMarkz IDML Preferences

PDFMarkz Preferences » PDFMarkz IDML Preferences

*IDML files do not contain preview data by default. PDFMarkz allows you to create Low Resolution (Lo-Res) Previews of images for your IDML file. Thus, instead of seeing a gray box where an image is, using this feature allows you to get a lo-res placeholder image…

PDFMarkz Open In Preferences

PDFMarkz Preferences » PDFMarkz Open In Preferences

These Preferences are targeted for handling PDF files and are used when you click on the Open in Acrobat button in the application toolbar. Open In Acrobat Always use the System Default Application By default the macOS always uses the latest install of Acrobat…

PDFMarkz Menu

PDFMarkz Menus Overview » PDFMarkz Menu

About PDFMarkz Brings up the About Window which shows The Version of PDFMarkz Your License ID if you have purchased the full version of PDFMarkz The Status of PDFMarkz (Activated or Freebie) The Expiration information for your PDFMarkz…

PDFMarkz – Setting System Prefs on Mac for Scripts

PDFMarkz Scripts » PDFMarkz – Setting System Prefs on Mac for Scripts

If your scripts fail to run, this is most likely an issue with the macOS Security and Privacy Preferences. You should be able to remedy this problem by doing the following - Bring up your Mac System Preferences Window Select the Security & Privacy Preference Select…

PDFMarkz Open in Acrobat

PDFMarkz Open In Options » PDFMarkz Open in Acrobat

Open in Acrobat will attempt to open your original PDF in Adobe Acrobat, unless you modify this under the PDFMarkz Open In Preferences. !This PDF should have editable text unless it was created using a placed bitmap or rasterized image of text instead of actually…

PDFMarkz Uninstalling the Scripts

PDFMarkz Scripts » PDFMarkz Uninstalling the Scripts

To uninstall the PDFMarkz scripts - Make sure InDesign is not running Navigate to your Adobe InDesign folder Navigate to the Scripts folder Delete the Markzware folder When you restart InDesign the scripts will no longer be available, but the Markzware Menu will…

PDFMarkz Open in Illustrator

PDFMarkz Open In Options » PDFMarkz Open in Illustrator

Open in Illustrator will attempt to open your original PDF in Adobe Illustrator. By default, PDFMarkz uses the Default Version of Illustrator as seen by your Mac Computer. !If you wish to force a PDF to be opened in a specific version of Illustrator, you will need…

PDFMarkz Open in InDesign

PDFMarkz Open In Options » PDFMarkz Open in InDesign

Open in InDesign attempts to open the currently viewed file in the default version of InDesign set on your system. If you do not have InDesign loaded on your system, you will see an error message. In order for this to work, you must be using InDesign CS4 or…

PDFMarkz Manual Export Options

PDFMarkz Manual Export Options » PDFMarkz Manual Export Options

Clicking on the Export Icon reveals all of the file formats that can be manually exported by PDFMarkz. While several of these Export options appear to duplicate the Main icons in the File Preview Window and some of the Automation Preferences, think of these icons as…

PDFMarkz Shortcut Keys

PDFMarkz Menus Overview » PDFMarkz Shortcut Keys

PDFMarkz Menu Command – Comma (,) Open PDFMarkz Preferences Command – H Hide PDFMarkz Option-Command – H Hide Others (other Applications) Command – Q Quit…

PDFMarkz Entering the Trademark Symbol

Unknown Characters Editor » PDFMarkz Entering the Trademark Symbol

You can also enter special characters like ™ or © What if you don’t know the keyboard shortcuts for these characters? Well, you can use Apple’s handy Keyboard Viewer. This can be configured and enabled under the Apple System Preferences. *To get easy access to…

PDFMarkz Preview Window

PDFMarkz Preview Window

Once you open a file in PDFMarkz, you will see a Preview Window. This window has the following features - At the very top is the document title of the currently active document To the right of the document title is the document type (which should always be…

PDFMarkz Inspector Panel

PDFMarkz Menus Overview » PDFMarkz Inspector Panel

The Inspector Panel is an overview of your document. It displays a mini inventory of what comprises your document. Each document has its own Inspector Panel Window. Some features of the Inspector Panel Can be set to show up automatically every time you open a…

PDFMarkz View Menu

PDFMarkz Menus Overview » PDFMarkz View Menu

Hide Tab Bar This only works if a single document is open. If you have multiple documents open Hide Tab Bar is grayed out and not available. Show All Tabs/Exit Tab Overview This only has an effect when you have enabled “Prefer Tabs when Opening…

PDFMarkz FAQs & Troubleshooting

PDFMarkz FAQs & Troubleshooting

Q. – I keep getting an error when attempting to Activate PDFMarkz. What’s the problem and how do I fix it? A. – When you see the “Error attempting to activate!” message, this means the the email address and License ID you are using do not…

PDFMarkz File Menu

PDFMarkz Menus Overview » PDFMarkz File Menu

Open Brings up an Open File Dialog Window where you can select one or more PDF files to open. Open Recent Shows a list of recently opened files in case you need to re-open them again without hunting for them on your computer system. Convert to IDML… This menu…

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