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PDFMarkz – Running The Scripts

PDFMarkz Scripts » PDFMarkz – Running The Scripts

Once you install the scripts, the following two new items are available in InDesign In the Main Manu Bar for InDesign you will see a new entry named Markzware. Under this menu will be an item named Convert PDF Document… Clicking on Convert PDF Document… will…

PDFMarkz Scripts

PDFMarkz Scripts

PDFMarkz ships with some scripts that add menu items to InDesign for converting PDFs files to InDesign. The scripts are designed to closely approximate how Markzware’s PDF2DTP InDesign product worked and allow you to convert PDF files to InDesign without ever…

PDFMarkz – Installing Scripts

PDFMarkz Scripts » PDFMarkz – Installing Scripts

After activating PDFMarkz, the first time you start the application, you will see a Scripts Installer Window. The Window will list all versions of InDesign from CS6 and higher it finds on your computer that are located in your Applications Folder. Next to each version…

PDFMarkz Uninstalling the Scripts

PDFMarkz Scripts » PDFMarkz Uninstalling the Scripts

To uninstall the PDFMarkz scripts - Make sure InDesign is not running Navigate to your Adobe InDesign folder Navigate to the Scripts folder Delete the Markzware folder When you restart InDesign the scripts will no longer be available, but the Markzware Menu will…

PDFMarkz – Setting System Prefs on Mac for Scripts

PDFMarkz Scripts » PDFMarkz – Setting System Prefs on Mac for Scripts

If your scripts fail to run, this is most likely an issue with the macOS Security and Privacy Preferences. You should be able to remedy this problem by doing the following - Bring up your Mac System Preferences Window Select the Security & Privacy Preference Select…

PDFMarkz Tools Menu

PDFMarkz Menus Overview » PDFMarkz Tools Menu

The Tools Menu allows you to bring up the PDFMarkz Unknown Characters Editor or the Script Installer. This allows you to make edits to character data you have previously entered into the Unknown Characters Editor without having to close and re-open the file if it is…

PDFMarkz Deactivate and Uninstall

PDFMarkz Deactivate and Uninstall

!Before Uninstalling PDFMarkz, please Deactivate it by using the following procedure Deactivating PDFMarkz Make sure you are connected to the internet With PDFMarkz Running, Click on the PDFMarkz Menu and then select About PDFMarkz On the About PDFMarkz window…

PDFMarkz FAQs & Troubleshooting

PDFMarkz FAQs & Troubleshooting

Q. – I keep getting an error when attempting to Activate PDFMarkz. What’s the problem and how do I fix it? A. – When you see the “Error attempting to activate!” message, this means the the email address and License ID you are using do not…

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