QXPMarkz View Menu - QXPMarkz User Guide - 1

Show Tab Bar

Shows the Tab Bar (located just below the Toolbar). Open documents in Tabs versus indvidual windows is a global preference for QXPMarkz found under the General Preferences Window.

Hide Tab Bar

This only works if a single document is open. If you have multiple documents open Hide Tab Bar is grayed out and not available.

Show/Hide Toolbar

Shows or hides the Toolbar for the active document window. Each open document window has its own Toolbar.

Customize Toolbar…

Selecting Customize Toolbar opens up a window where you can re-arrange and customize the toolbar to suit your particular method of working.

Zoom In

Magnifies the document displayed in the current active window.

Zoom Out

Reduces the display size of the document displayed in the current active window.

Fit Page in Window

Fits the current displayed page into the display area of the current active window

Fit Spread in Window

If facing pages was used when the document was created, this will fit the spread into the display area of the current active window.

Actual Size

Will zoom the document to full size. You may have to pan the view in order to see the area you are interested in viewing as Actual Size in many cases makes the preview larger than the current display window. Currently you must use the scroll bars located on the bottom and right of the document display to pan the document or the scroll feature on your mouse or other input device.

Toggle Inspector

Toggles the Inspector Window on or off. The Inspector window is like a light preflight/inventory of the current active document. Each document will have its own Inspector Window.

Enter Full Screen

Will take the QXPMarkz application into Full Screen Mode. To exit Full Screen Mode, tap the Escape Key.


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