Fix QuarkXPress File Integrity Issue, Save Quark QXP: Recovery Service

Get help to fix QuarkXPress files, when file integrity issues arise. Save Quark QXP files, by using Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service:

Had a sudden power failure and now your QuarkXPress file doesn’t open? A file recovery service is available that can assist you by providing a Quark fix, so you can recover QuarkXPress content.

Markzware has often performed processes to save QuarkXPress data, when customers presented corrupted QuarkXPress documents. Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service performs a beneficial professional service, to help you to reclaim text, images, and other layout content.

Need assistance with a bad QuarkXPress file? The DTP File Recovery Service may be able to rescue your text and more. For more information, watch this video:

Fix QuarkXPress File Integrity Issue, Save Quark QXP: Recovery Service

Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service can use many practical techniques to extract your content from a problematic QuarkXPress or InDesign file.

If you are frustrated from trying to open a stubborn file and worried about finishing your document production on time, the DTP File Recovery Service can be your hero. Markzware’s technicians can open QXP documents, even those created in earlier versions, and help restore your data to you.

“I can’t thank you enough for your help. Actually I believe this is the second time you and your company has saved me with your service. I will definitely refer you and Markzware to my designer friends if they need a recovery service.”
– John Eligio, Graphic Designer, Make-A-Wish Hawaii,, Honolulu HI

DTP File Recovery Service Benefits
• use your recovered copy as a backup, in case of future corruption of your original document.
• receive status updates and notification of analysis or recovery completion.
• recover a range of file versions.
• save the trouble of having to recover the file yourself.
• save time, rather than spend hours, struggling to open the file.

Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service Has Several Options, to
Fix QuarkXPress File Integrity Issues and Save Quark QXP Files:

The DTP File Recovery Service can quickly extract your QuarkXPress data and return it to you, as soon as possible. Markzware will troubleshoot the file and share the analysis results with you.

Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service can recover files in these QuarkXPress versions:
• QuarkXPress 2017
• QuarkXPress 2016
• QuarkXPress 2015
• QuarkXPress 10
• QuarkXPress 9
• QuarkXPress 8
• QuarkXPress 7
• and more

The DTP File Recovery Service can recommend file recovery options. We may even be able to return your content to you, within a very short time!

QuarkXPress error messages that may notify you of a corrupt QXP file:
• Database error
• Bad file format -39
• Cannot open the file
• An unknown error has occurred
• The file is damaged and cannot be recovered
A specialty of the DTP File Recovery Service is accessing QuarkXPress files, including content in older legacy file formats. The turnaround can be a short and put the content back in your hands sooner than you might have expected.

Use Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service
You can use Markzware‘s DTP File Recovery Service to fix QuarkXPress files. The service allows you to recover QuarkXPress (and InDesign) documents, at low cost. You can request file recovery service, via the DTP File Recovery Service page. See more desktop publishing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

The technicians who handle Markzware’s file recovery service should respond within an hour or two after you submit the form. Only pay the Fixed File Fee when recovery is successful. (If the recovery technician is unable to recover your file, no charge is added to the minimal File Analysis Fee.) You can also read about Markzware’s File Recovery success stories from other InDesign and QuarkXPress users. If you have questions about Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service, please contact Markzware today, by emailing

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Fix QuarkXPress File Integrity Issue, Save Quark QXP: Recovery Service