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FlightCheck 2022 Beta Download

Detailed Introduction and video to FlightCheck 2022 beta.

Markzware FlightCheck 2022 preflight and package beta

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David Dilling 0:00
Hi everybody, David Dilling here on behalf of Markzware.

Today, we like to cordially invite you to become a beta tester of our new FlightCheck 2022 . FlightCheck 2022 beta download – YouTube video introduction, or get more info here – FlightCheck 2022 Beta!

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If you’re a preflighter or or somebody just interested in quality control of your digital files, or they’re going to print or for online use, the new FlightCheck will be very interesting for you. Many will know FlightCheck it’s been around for years is one of our old boxes, our original boxes like a big shoe box, you know, and it’s a tool that will help you.

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Traditionally to stand-alone preflight DTP files before going to print. Nowadays, we have many other features to help with the online usage of files as well.

The new FlightCheck has a totally new intuitive interface.

A new preflight score (FlightCheck Score),

The new “FlightCheck Score” feature is pretty neat and handy too! You can even ‘share’ your preflight score!

… which is pretty amazing, very cool. And very important. FlightCheck will help you to ascertain very quickly what’s inside of your file. It’s like an x-ray. So you can drop any of the files we support like Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, PDFs, of course, and even Photoshop coming soon, you just dropped it off FlightCheck, and you get a report on what’s inside based on the preflight profiles, or as we call them, the Ground Controls. So what I’d like to do now is, you know, cruise on over please to our our latest post about FlightCheck, I’ll leave the link down below where you can sign up to become a beta tester today. It’s really easy. It’s just a couple questions, you know, your email,

••• Head over heels for this? Sign-up directly here to beta test! •••

what type of files do you like to check or what type of 1000 you’re working with? And a few other questions. And that’s it. It’s totally free, of course. And you can try and use FlightCheck in your workflow. And there are workflow features as well, which we’ll cover to. So now like do we just give me a quick overview on what is inside FlightCheck how it works, and very brief, and then let you all the professionals get down to beta testing and giving us valuable feedback on what you like, what you want to see what doesn’t work or should work, and how we can make it even better.

What’s really cool about FlightCheck now, is that it actually gives you a Preview of the file. And you can actually scroll through that preview. And when you’re in the preflight, or sorry, when in the inventory mode, you can actually go down, you get all information on your colours, fonts, and images. And you can see right away with the red things are problems. And if you click on one

under the under the intersection, and we’ll show you that in a moment here. So it’s really cool. So you get preview, preflight and packaging, like we always say with FlightCheck collecting all your fonts and images together into one folder. And this is really really unique because the standalone and sets us apart from anybody else offering preflight Yes, InDesign as preflight built in, but nothing like this. And then so much other process a much different process here as well. So let’s jump right in and show you what we got here. The new FlightCheck 2022 coming out soon, download the beta in the link below. And thank you again for watching this. I’m just going to show you a few things about the programme now. Okay, thank you for joining me on the computer here. All of this technology. And I love this new technology in flight check that we have right here you just take any I just launched fly check down here, you can drag and drop any of the files we support, like PDF, Illustrator, Quark or InDesign, right on to the fly check icon down below in your dock or just right here into the window. Let’s Get Started window. So we just drop all of the files there, just show how it works real quick. Let’s get me out of the way here.

There are two “modes” in FlightCheck 2022 – Inventory and Preflight. Above we see the Inventory mode. Both have the Preview and show you exactly where the preflight problems are in your DTP document. Wow!

Alright, you can see all the files open up right like that. It doesn’t matter what they are. We’ll open up any of the various files with a full preview of the file. And most importantly, all the big data on your DTP file. Everything that’s a problem will show up in reddish colour and an arrow will be in a yellowish colour. And you get the full overview and if you switch the mode here, you can actually get your pre flight score mode. With the FlightCheck results interface here. We get a nice overview of everything that’s going on in the file.

So this is very handy to quickly ascertain what’s going on. Now what’s neat, I can say, for instance, a particular image, I can click on, and I actually get this information here. We’ll just use this one. And I can actually take notes, please fix

the Hi Res,

The reporting is also very interesting. And let me actually show you a different way to go this portfolio because as a little bit smaller, we get all information on the core file, we get our preflight score, which is very cool. And we can actually even share the pre-flight score.

So I can actually email or even tweet out to somebody, which is very nice. You can now you know, if you’re working on a big project, you want to share this everybody it’s very easy to do. To go back to the flight check results, sorry, the inspector mode, I can actually go in and say like, Okay, well, you know, let’s let’s choose the first one is the image, you know, please replace with high resolution. And you can add that in there, you can actually go in and write into court or in its InDesign file into InDesign, same thing, Illustrator, we actually launched an illustrator. But what’s cool now if I run a report, which also gets packaged up, when you do that, if you’ll see down below the HTML version of the report, see, whereas Yeah, you see the notes we have. So you can now share this with your colleagues or other people in the workflow. This is very neat, you can customise the report, check that out. And you can get it in various formats like RTF, and what have you. And when you collect this, you’ll get this report as well. So that’s you can make a PDF out of your out of your file. So very neat if you’re missing a preview PDF, for whatever reason. And these previews are really great to help you very quickly and easily see what the files all about in combination with the actual data that’s being used in your file and how it’s being used. And where the particular problems are, you know, a huge file like this, if you have a problem, you need to figure out where it is and how you can get pinpointed right to where it is you see is on page 4252, we can actually navigate different ways we could actually a zoom right in there. If we wanted to get real close up information on our layout, go to march, we’re calm, please send us your beta feedback under Support, you’re going to click on support one time. Now bring up this and choose trouble ticket. When you go to trouble tickets, you can fill in a report right here, and you can actually attach a document, just drag it right here. And give us notes on what the problems with the problem or problems particularly are. So this way we can you know, actually, you know help you a lot better and know exactly what’s going on. So under product, you’ll want to just put FlightCheck there might be there might come a beta here in the meantime, but just put FlightCheck for now. And just make note that you have the beta.

FlightCheck 2022 βeta Export as PDF

Not only will FlightCheck 2022 “Package” your files, but also create preview PDF documents as well!

If you need to know the version of your flight check beta will probably know that but you can under about flight check 2020 to get latest version information back to getting people to try and get out. Please share this link with folks. I’ll put it down below in the description. Get your colleagues checking it out too. The more feedback we get the better we can service new and your needs. Alright, so that’s the new FlightCheck 2022. As you can see extremely powerful reporting features and preview and ways to interact with your document like never before all standalone don’t even need the Adobe or cork or any other DTP applications to use this programme. The barks frame engine is what it’s based on. It’s really an Using technology is taking preflighting packaging and even conversion to a whole other level so check out the new FlightCheck similar to the old one but much better more intuitive modern interface and does even more so look forward to your feedback David Dilling from Markzware wishing a fantastic day.

Sign-up here to become a FlightCheck 2022 Beta tester today: https://markzware.com/flightcheck-2022/flightcheck-2022-beta/

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Sign-up here for FlightCheck 2022 beta today!

FlightCheck 2022 Beta Download, video Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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