Add Images in InDesign: How to Add Image in InDesign, Use FlightCheck

Add Images in InDesign: How to Add Image in InDesign, Use FlightCheck

How to Add Images in InDesign

Adding images to an InDesign page layout for desktop publishing (DTP) can be done in many ways. There is, however, a right and a wrong way. Watch, in this prepress tutorial video, how to add images in InDesign INDD, while maintaining print quality control, by using a preflight solution:

Add Images in InDesign – YouTube

Markzware FlightCheck preflight solution helps prepress users who
add images in InDesign CS6 and other DTP
native files

Add images in InDesign, the transcript:
In this first example, we’re going to have the Type tool selected, and adding an image in a text area. To add an image into InDesign CS6 or lower, it’s as easy as File > Place or Command-D on the Macintosh. You then get an Open dialogue, where you can choose the graphic or image you want to add into InDesign. You select it and hit Open. It is that easy to add an image in InDesign. You can then resize at will.

In this next example, we’re going to have the Selection tool selected and add an image. Same process. File > Place. Select the image and then you can now place it where you like, anywhere within your layout. Look. It’s that easy to add images in InDesign from Adobe. This applies for InDesign CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4 and even earlier versions.

Now, what not to do. Do not drag-and-drop images from your web browser from the internet into your InDesign document. Very tempting. There may even be copyright issues. It looks great in your InDesign document, but it will not print correctly. Also, copying and pasting from Word, or PowerPoint or Publisher can also cause various problems, including your file going corrupt and dying on you. It is tempting to just Copy and Paste everything right in, and it works a lot of the time, but very dangerous.

Markzware’s FlightCheck. Let’s see what that tells us. Markzware’s FlightCheck is our stand-alone application to preflight more than fifty file formats: InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, you name it. Here, you see the three images showed up as Stored, and are in red, indicating a potential error. Very important to use FlightCheck in your design process, because it’ll help you find problems when adding images or fonts or whatever else. What you see here, these images do not even show up in the InDesign Links panel. Very confusing for the novice user. They do show up in FlightCheck. You see them right here, those three images are right here, in FlightCheck.
Add Images in Adobe InDesign
FlightCheck (prepress software, a preflight solution available via the FlightCheck page) will package your file, as well, with all fonts and images. And that’s the problem: if you drag-and-drop from the internet or copy and paste from Word or Excel or PowerPoint, those images aren’t necessarily on your hard drive, won’t be collected, and won’t print right at the printer.

So, that’s how you can add images in InDesign, and how not to add them, and how to stop problems.
David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a great day!

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