Automated Prepress Workflow Preflighting Using FlightCheck

A FlightCheck user is interviewed regarding preflighting during prepress in the print workflow. The video below includes some nice diagrams of the prepress workflow and shows how FlightCheck, the patented preflighting software for prepress from Markzware, can work within an automated prepress workflow.

Preflighting for the Automated Prepress Workflow, Using FlightCheck

How to use FlightCheck to preflight desktop publishing (DTP) files within the automated prepress workflow

FlightCheck can check documents and catch errors during the preflighting stage of an automated prepress workflow before printing. Ensure print quality by using FlightCheck for preflighting documents to find potential printing problems during prepress before printing.

FlightCheck is available online with quantity discounts from Markzware via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Automated Prepress Workflow Preflighting Using FlightCheck