Batch Preflight InDesign CC 2018 Files: Check Adobe INDD Print Quality

You can batch preflight InDesign CC 2018 files and check Adobe INDD print quality, via Markzware‘s pre press software, FlightCheck:

Although Adobe InDesign includes basic preflighting, Markzware FlightCheck has the most thorough preflight checklist for guarding against INDD file problems. It analyzes the document and highlights possible errors that may result from issues with spot colors, image resolution, transparency, document size, fonts, and many other print areas.

Leading provider of preflight software, Markzware, offers a variety of solutions for InDesign CC and other print file types. Markzware’s FlightCheck, the industry-standard print preflighting and packaging application, makes quick work of examining print document details, per your criteria, on macOS.

FlightCheck can preflight a large variety of file formats which makes it a desirable preflight solution for print, publishing and graphic arts workflows. Watch this demonstration video, for more information on Markzware’s pre-press application to check print files:

Batch Preflight InDesign CC 2018 Files: Check Adobe INDD Print Quality

Creative professionals can perform a series of document checks and also package files for print production, by using Markzware’s FlightCheck app to preflight files on macOS.

With FlightCheck, you choose settings and drop your file on the FlightCheck icon. Markzware’s preflighting application will do the rest for you.

As most print professionals know, preflighting is a crucial pre-press step in document production. FlightCheck thoroughly analyzes InDesign and other documents and alerts you to file issues, while indicating points of possible printing problems.

Most professional educators and industry experts would of course recommend Markzware’s FlightCheck for anyone that wants (and want they should) to perform a true, traditional preflight check on their documents, Adobe InDesign included.

There are many advantages to using FlightCheck:
reduces costs of production.
• can put your client at ease from knowing that their print job will be checked before printing.
• enables workflows to organize and coordinate via one central print job folder, rather than cause duplicate work.
• lets you customize preferences to check print documents and streamline complex preflighting tasks, in one comprehensive package.
• is useful for large, complicated documents that would require a huge amount of time and effort to check by hand.
• can preflight both PDF and non-PDF documents for printing quality.

Batch Preflight InDesign CC 2018 Files, with FlightCheck, to
Check Adobe INDD Print Quality:

Batch Preflight InDesign CC 2018 Files, with FlightCheck, to Check Adobe INDD Print Quality

Some of FlightCheck’s features:
• chance to select multiple files for preflight, increasing productivity during bulk preflighting process.
• support for Adobe Creative Cloud file types including InDesign CC 2018, Illustrator CC 2018 and Photoshop CC 2018.
• Ground Controls that allow preflight customization for flexibility to suit the particular workflow.
• support for a variety of languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish.
packaging of the print job files into a single folder that enables collaboration.
preflight report on possible printing issues.
• options and checklist areas, in a user-friendly interface.

Markzware FlightCheck checks and then collects all required print elements (fonts, images, etc.), to ensure that files print properly. After verifying a print job, FlightCheck creates a detailed preflight report that highlights printing problems and even helps you to locate instances of items that may need fixing.

Check Adobe INDD Print Quality, by Using FlightCheck to
Batch Preflight InDesign CC 2018 Files:

Check Adobe INDD Print Quality, by Using FlightCheck to Batch Preflight InDesign CC 2018 Files

FlightCheck enables users to preflight several DTP image and file types, including:
• Adobe Acrobat
• Corel CorelDRAW
• Encapsulated PostScript
• Adobe FreeHand
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe PageMaker
• Adobe Photoshop
• Quark QuarkXPress
• Tag Image File Format
• Microsoft Word
• much more

A printer cannot guarantee accurate file output, when files are not properly prepared or document items are missing. Print file problems such as these can create added expenses. Use the FlightCheck app for fast, thorough preflighting.

Some print document details about which FlightCheck can report:
• colors
• fonts
• image resolution
• file format
• missing images
• ink density
• ICC profiles
• image type
• embedded images
• transparency
• trapping

Adobe on InDesign CC 2018 Features:
Explore the new features in the March 2018 release of Adobe InDesign CC. The March 2018 release of InDesign CC focuses on improving the user experience with more control over commonly used features and workflows.
New features include:
1. Merge paragraph borders.
2. Richer analytics for Publish Online documents.
3. Use Photoshop and Illustrator shortcuts in InDesign.
4. Export document as separate PDF pages.
5. New mobile presets.
6. Preview new document.
Watch the video via this link:


Markzware FlightCheck logo and DTP logos 480x595
Preflighting is important to the success of an InDesign print job. It can keep file problems from building and resulting in huge costs.

You can buy this preflight solution, via the FlightCheck page. See more desktop publishing software and printing solutions, on the Markzware Products page. You can subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List and interact with Markzware on
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Batch Preflight InDesign CC 2018 Files: Check Adobe INDD Print Quality

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