BusinessCard v2.0 – does this replace the printed business card?

Markzware has noticed how digital business cards move networking off paper. Does this mean that traditional printed business cards may be under threat from digital business cards and their associated networking services? Naturally, you will want to use FlightCheck for preflighting before you commercially print business cards. Check out this business card:
Markzware Printed Business CardA digital business card may look nice on an email attachment and be handy for social networking, Tweets and the like, but what about a trade show? What about in the elevator? Or at football (or soccer) matches? There is work being done where these can be zapped from one cell phone to the next. But until all cell phones can communicate equally, printers need not worry about printed business cards with a fancy color graphic design, maybe even made with desktop publishing (DTP) software, going anywhere, anytime, soon.

This said, Stephen Beals gave us some stark warnings in our recent post, titled, “Don’t be too Certain About Print’s Future”…

The fact that China’s print industry grew 7+% last year, in the midst if a major global recession is proof that print is not likely to disappear. For those in print media, it is time, if you have not already, to find ways to use content in various ways, other than just ink on paper. Internet, iPhone/cell phones, ePaper, e-Books, ePub format, etc. FlightCheck is the preflighting solution to ensure printing quality.

Preflight solution, FlightCheck, can check print files in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher and other file types during prepress, to avoid printing problems. Preflighting with Markzware FlightCheck helps users to find printing problems during prepress, before printing. FlightCheck is available online via the FlightCheck page. Ensure that your business card will print properly by preflighting with FlightCheck. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

BusinessCard v2.0 – does this replace the printed business card?

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