Cannot Find Preflight Mode File – FlightCheck FAQ Fix

Cannot Find Preflight Mode File – FlightCheck FAQ Fix

FlightCheck FAQ
“Cannot find Preflight Mode file – aborting

A preflight question arrived from a leading UK publisher and long-time user of preflight solutionFlightCheck. Markzware’s patented software can preflight InDesign files, as well as collect files to package print jobs. FlightCheck check files in many file types during prepress to avoid file problems. Here is the FlightCheck FAQ and answer to keep you preflighting:

I tried to restart FlightCheck with the shift key down and got the following message – “Cannot find Preflight Mode file – aborting“. Indeed, I get that all the time now after restarting my Mac.

I use FlightCheck all the time to preflight my publishing files. My previous version used to give me a breakdown of the pdf file showing resolutions of tiff files etc, embedded fonts and colours etc.

Cannot Find Preflight Mode File - Aborting Error in Markzware FlightCheck

Cannot find Preflight Mode file – aborting (FlightCheck error message)

Here was our answer, to get their prepress back on track for preflighting:

Thank you for your purchase of yet another FlightCheck and for the phone call.

When you receive the error you are reporting, “Cannot find Preflight Mode file – aborting,” typically what someone has done is move the FlightCheck application out of its folder. This usually happens when they “think” they have made an alias and instead actually moved the application, usually to the Desktop.

FlightCheck requires a certain folder structure to run, as it looks for a folder named Data (and its contents) at the same level as the FlightCheck application for preflighting.

Please make sure that your FlightCheck folder contains the FlightCheck application and the Data folder and the subfolders in the Data folder for each language. That should look like this:

Markzware FlightCheck Folder Structure

FlightCheck v6.80 Application Folder Structure

Your FlightCheck should work fine now.

That was your FlightCheck FAQ tip of the day. Keep on preflighting your prepress!

You can buy this preflight solution via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Preflight File with FlightCheck

Cannot Find Preflight Mode File – FlightCheck FAQ Fix

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