– electronic business card or social network sub-set? Enter printing…

Markzware saw electronic business cards for embedding on web sites, email signatures or social network pages (You can get your own business cards here).

I learned of this via a Tweet on Twitter from @Minervity and a nice article or post from Bit Rebels, titled, “Create your Online Business Card!” Got to thinking though, this is not really a business card, but more a subset of social networking or perhaps even a network of itself. Enter printing

What is cool, is step 3 when setting up your “hub” as they call it, which is where you choose a graphic design. (Interesting word choice, not an electronic business card.) Now, look at that printing company down below. pushes the “real thing,” which is to print business cards to compliment your electronic one!: Business Cards (electronic, printed)Also, remember to use Markzware’s FlightCheck to preflight your print business cards. Check files, before printing, for print quality control of document output. Also, see more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page. – electronic business card or social network sub-set? Enter printing…

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