Chinese print market: nothing to Yuan about

China’s print industry is estimated to grow by 28% from 2009 to 2014. (Source: and has more than 100,000 commercial print-shops and 1417 digital platesetters (Source: Spindrift), which is rather impressive, considering the major global recession. Since they use a lot of film, hopefully they are using FlightCheck, since preflighting before outputting to film, plate or direct to press, is really a must. Preflight with FlightCheck ensures printing quality before printing.

Most historians agree that China was the first country to invent the process of getting ink on paper (printing)  (History of Printing And Gutenberg). Today, China has more than doubled their sales in the Chinese print industry since 2003. (In 2008, Chinese print sales were at about $47 billion USD (475 billion Yuan).

The Chinese print market should see 8%+ growth per year in coming years (Source: PrintWeek). With approximately 11,000 printers in the UK and 65,000 in the USA, I wonder how much of this Chinese business is coming from abroad. Does anyone have figures on that? Please feel free to comment below with any ideas on this. Thank you.

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