Collect and Package InDesign Files with Preflight Solution FlightCheck

Collect and package InDesign files with FlightCheck, the preflight solution from Markzware:

FlightCheck can preflight, collect and package InDesign files. Get print quality assurance when you print Adobe InDesign – and several other file types – by using the preflight solution by Markzware that sets the standard for preflighting.

FlightCheck has a Collect Window with a Files area that lists files detected by Markzware FlightCheck as associated with the job to be collected. In this case, it would be to collect InDesign files. The Collect column on the left side of the window contains a checkbox for most items. If the box is checked for an item, then FlightCheck will attempt to collect it when it attempts to collect InDesign files to the collect destination.

These files can be compressed or uncompressed, as shown in the Destination Info. The number of files and total uncompressed job size is shown in the Job Info. A missing item is check-marked by default, so FlightCheck will not collect it, as it is not in the collectable file classes.

Collect and Package InDesign Files with FlightCheck
Collect Files Window Section in Markzware FlightCheck
The Size column on the right side of the Files window lists the size in bytes of each item being collected.
If the Size column shows embedded Fonts and Images as <embedded> with a checkbox in the
Collect column, FlightCheck can collect embedded fonts or images.

When you plan to collect InDesign files and properly print Adobe InDesign documents, you want to ensure printing quality with a trustworthy, thorough preflighting software. FlightCheck, the standard preflight solution that can preflight, collect and package InDesign files and more, is available online via the FlightCheck page.

Collect and package InDesign files with Markzware FlightCheck!

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