Color Graphics – Graphic Inspector 1.5

Markzware is the inventor of FlightCheck, the standard print quality control tool for preflighting. This pre press software can check many graphic design file types to ensure print quality. Markzware noticed this announcement of a print quality control tool update for color graphics:

“…Graphic Inspector provides a professional quality control solution for users of any trade, whether it’s print, prepress, web design, electronic publishing or digital photography. With Graphic Inspector, users automatically get crucial information on multiple raster and vector files, saving hours of manual checking and eliminating costly mistakes. Graphic Inspector will display the file kind, color mode, resolution, compression, color profile, spot colors, fonts, metadata and other attributes.” Source

Markzware’s FlightCheck can also be set to check image batches in color graphics files or in a layout document. This can be done to preflight color in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop, for example. Watch this video on how to preflight check an image batch with FlightCheck:

Preflight Check Image Batch with FlightCheck Preflighting Software

You can buy Markzware’s preflight solution via the FlightCheck page. More printing solutions are available via the Markzware Products page.

Color Graphics, Graphic Inspector 1.5

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