Color Management and Soft Proofing- Preflight Adobe InDesign

Color Management and Soft Proofing- Preflight Adobe InDesign

Preflight, as can be performed by Markzware FlightCheck software to preflight documents in prepress for print quality assurance, has long been a task much associated with color management and soft proofing. FlightCheck can preflight color files during prepress, before printing. Here, we see the 3rd of John Nate’s color management case studies via News & Tech. Electronic preflight with FlightCheck can catch many printing problems on outputted plates, and thus the final printed piece; yet, there are many things that only a soft proof and proper color management can find for you: for instance, typical design errors, as where a text box is hidden, partial or fully, behind a placed image.

It is important to take your InDesign, Illustrator or Quark document and to do an “export as PDF” and make a proper soft proof and, in many cases, even a hard proof. This is especially important regarding company image, as in logo design, letterhead printing in corporate advertising, newspaper printing, etc. For colors usage in Adobe InDesign, you may want to consider the color of Adobe elements, for example, to change eye color in Adobe InDesign before printing. Here is how John starts his informative piece:

In part two of this series, we explored the finer points of monitor calibration. Before moving on to the finer points of soft proofing, let’s review the monitor calibration procedure.

You want to begin by making sure that your monitor has warmed up for at least half an hour. Locate the monitor in an area of subdued lighting, ensure that any room lighting is daylight balanced, attach a hood to the monitor to help keep extraneous room light from striking the face of the monitor and set the monitor hardware white point to an appropriate level, usually 6500K as a starting point.
Read full, informative article here:

As you will read, there is (pardon the pun) more than meets the eye to this process. Yet, proper preflight will lead to a much more effective workflow and quality newspaper, or printed paper in general. Preflight Adobe InDesign, PDF, Microsoft Publisher, and many other file formats with FlightCheck, available online via the FlightCheck page.

Color Management and Soft Proofing – Preflight Adobe InDesign

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