Compare Multiple Documents with FlightCheck Pre-Press Software

Compare multiple documents in QuarkXPress or Adobe Creative Suite InDesign, using Markzware FlightCheck preflight solution:

Graphic design and print workflows often need to compare multiple documents created with graphic software. FlightCheck, pre press software by Markzware, publisher of printing solutions, can help printers, publishers, and creative professionals to do that.

For print quality control, preflighting helps to compare documents and check items that affect printing quality. FlightCheck can check InDesign CS6 INDD, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher, Acrobat PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop, and several other DTP file types, and even tell you the file type of these pre-press documents. Markzware’s pre-press software examines your native files for a checklist of items, which you can customize. FlightCheck will notify you of possible printing problems, before they occur.

For an overview of how FlightCheck allows you to detect potential printing problems and compare multiple documents, watch this video about preflighting with FlightCheck for print quality control:

Preflight InDesign Files and Compare Multiple Documents with
FlightCheck Preflight Solution

Markzware printing solutions include FlightCheck for print quality control

FlightCheck offers more than just preflighting; it makes it easy to compare multiple documents in QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign CS6, and can collect files to package fonts and package InDesign, as well as several DTP file types. For example, preflight InDesign files to check image resolution, fonts, colors, or a number of other page layout details, and then package InDesign files for the next person in your print workflow.

Customize the Ground Controls in this preflight solution to zero in on the preflight areas in which you are interested. A detailed preflight report allows you to provide proof of preflighting for Adobe Creative Suite INDD files and more.

Check InDesign CS6 INDD and Other Graphic Design Files with
FlightCheck Pre-Press Software for Top Printing Quality

Proof is in the Preflight with Markzware FlightCheck
Compare multiple documents with FlightCheck preflighting software by Markzware

Check InDesign CS6, QuarkXPress and more for optimum results when preparing print ready documents. Preflight InDesign files and compare multiple documents with FlightCheck pre-press software, available via the FlightCheck page. More printing solutions that avoid printing problems can be found on the Markzware Products page.

Use Markzware FlightCheck preflight solution to compare multiple documents!

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