How To Create A Clean PDF With Markzware FlightCheck

Press-ready PDF creation, using Markzware FlightCheckFlightCheck is the patented software for preflighting documents to ensure a clean PDF. This preflight solution ensures print quality in documents for PDF and non-PDF creation:

Wild Pete Publishing, Inc. uses Markzware FlightCheck for Clean PDF Creation
Wild Pete Publishing is located in the coolest location of Coarsegold, California, just outside the South entrance of Yosemite National Park. Markzware sat down with Caroline Root, who runs a publishing business with her husband Casey, and discussed tips on PDF creation for printing:

“Nearly 20 years ago, we purchased a real estate magazine franchise, and taught ourselves all about the publishing and printing world.  Wanting to ensure that we maintained the highest quality for our magazines, it was important that we did our research on investing in the right technology, especially when we would receive a variety of files from our customers.

We only preflight the native document, just prior to generating the PDFs.  By having a clean source document, we have no problems with a PDF. Customer-supplied files are notorious for being in the wrong color space, or the wrong resolution, or fonts are either styled or not included.  Markzware’s preflight solution for PDF and other document types, FlightCheck, helps us to catch these problems before we send a job to press.

The majority of our work is generated in-house; however, many of our customers provide their own photos for us to build their ads. Most of the files come to us by email, so in order to keep the tight deadlines that we work with, it is important for us to save as much time as possible and to maintain good quality with efficiency.

Yes, I could open every graphic and look up every font and trap setting, but it would require several hours, and why would I want to do that when I could rely on what FlightCheck can do in minutes?  This application saves us time, and by eliminating errors, it saves us money, so I consider this program to be a critical part of our business.

We prepare press-ready files and send them to a commercial printer to have the finished product printed and then shipped back to us. I haven’t heard of them using FlightCheck; they seem to rely on my sending them clean files.

When we started this business in 1992, Quark was the only professional page layout program available. Since most of my jobs were originally built on this platform, we have stayed with it. I have received some customer files that were built in InDesign, and the very few that were received in MS Word or Publisher we returned to the customer or rebuilt in-house.

Our clients give us a rough concept of what they want, then we develop a draft of their marketing piece and send a proof. Once the layout is approved, we develop a press-ready document, preflight it with FlightCheck, then upload a finished file to the printer’s FTP site.  Since we are in a remote location, we do most of our work via email, and have very few customers in our office.

FlightCheck helps me to rest assured that my files will be error-free when the printer receives my work. A bad file costs everyone time and money, delays in printing schedules, and unhappy customers. By catching any errors in the early stages of the print cycle, I can minimize any setbacks. Having clean files for my printer has led to my printers giving me preferred rates, helping to keep my costs as low as possible. Lower costs for us means a better price for our customers.

We have been using FlightCheck for so many years, that I honestly can’t remember any other program. I can remember manually reviewing my collected job, and the collected report line-by-line to make sure nothing was missed. It took hours to complete.”
Caroline Root, publisher, Wild Pete Publishing, Inc. uses Markzware FlightCheck
To ensure press-ready documents for PDF creation, preflight files with FlightCheck, available online from Markzware via the FlightCheck page. Preflight ensures print quality control for PDF preflight. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

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How To Create A Clean PDF With Markzware FlightCheck

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